Friday, September 19, 2008

The Global Water Grab

George Ure writes at his site,, "I think I've mentioned to you now and again about how one of the next 'frontiers' of corpgov control over humans (besides patenting life via seed stocks and licensing animals with the creeping/creepy National Animal Identification Act) is the plan for the highest levels of internationalist global government to seize and 'license back to humans, access to the world's fresh water. Ah, don't you love it?

Although it will take a minute or so to load, my source around the UN in Geneva has come across a very revealing document (in his continuing disclosure of documents that should be getting the public's attention) that reveals what's going on at the highest levels when it comes toi planning your water access. File this under 'tax and control' by corpgovs. Scroll down to "Global Water Futures: A roadmap to future US policy"
I trust you saw where NYC tap water was bottled and sold for $1.50? LMAO..."

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