Friday, September 19, 2008

George Ure's Personal Action Points

None of them violent, and in every way legal, yet at the same time, they are easy, actionable, and I believe would bring about positive change. Some of these include:
  • Vote with your wallet every time you open it. Whenever you spend, you are casting a vote for, or against, the marketing pseudo-reality, the prevailing socioeconomic paradigm, and the status quo. See a company that makes a product and has some kind of ethical core values (Example of an ethics-based company: Newman's Own), buy their products. See RBST-free milks? Buy it. Organic? Buy it. Want to buy hardware? Consider going out of your way to buy from a cooperative (Like Ace Hardware) rather than a megalithic 'big box store'. The "anything for shareholders" paradigm is yesterday's news. The cool thing about America is that the Framers of the Constitution knew this and designed a system which was flexible and could be changed. The corpgov paradigm didn't really hit America until 1913. In February of that year, the Sixteenth Amendment was enacted (passed is debated to this day) and by December 1913, the Bankers had grabbed control vide the "Federal Reserve Act" which had its roots as documented in G. Edward Griffin's most excellent book "Creature from Jekyll Island" Nothing happens by chance...
  • Participate in the most important part of the political process. No, that's not voting at the polls on election day. Participate passionately in the precinct committee meetings and caucuses in your own precinct or ward.
  • Invest in yourself and your family. Get an education and learn at least one trade which would be necessary should the world ever slip back toward the 1800's. We're only a terrorist attack on the grid or power/energy distribution infrastructure away from the 1800's anyway. It's just that the 'corpgov' paradigm hasn't got a plan for that, so if it happens, then you need to have a hot backup plan at the ready. The Russians, should they get angry enough, have the capability to launch a preemptive electromagnetic pulse attack on America that would put us at about 1860 overnight. If you don't understand that, you have not been reading very much about how modern warfare can be played out.
  • Along with an education, invest in things that can produce value: If you buy a home, try to find one where you won't have to grovel to a Homeowners Association for 'permission' to install solar panels, rip off your siding and put in heavier insulation, or put up a wind generator. There are quite literally hundreds of opportunities to lessen your carbon footprint and reduce America's dependence on foreign oil. A bloated SUV ain't one of them, and neither is reporting to Condo Nazis. Get cold weather clothing, take up hiking, canning, get in shape, develop a green thumb and commit to producing some small portion of what you eat - event if it's only 5% because in the future that might be the difference between life and death in the future. You just never know about such things. Think about land that can produce something. A hobby where the tools can be applied to a wide range of productive activities (metalworking, for example) and why not build a small green house or do condo farming with potted plants?
  • Agitate for policies that make sense. Some of my favorite 'causes' are things like a single flat-rate income tax. No sales tax on food or clothing. Barring anyone in public office from holding any form of 'dual citizenship'. I want leaders who have no 'opt-out' option. American first, and only, dammit. Real borders, locking up anyone who hires illegal laborers, and as long as we're at it, ban use of foreign call centers and let's start making products in America again.
  • Turn off your TV and start retooling your reality filters to capture what's really going on rather than the MainStreamMedia paradigm. Spend at least 15-minutes of quiet time every day just owning your own life - assessing it, dreaming up alternatives for your own future and getting back into an ownership position where YOU are the boss.

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