Friday, September 19, 2008

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A little reading of various conspiracy boards suggests that there might have been some kind of cooperation between a few US alphabet-agencies and other intelligence services around the world, including the KGB which Vlad Putin used to head, and this theory says that an earlier Bush at the CIA might have built an 'exit plan' for the Russian KGB-types during his vice presidential tenure.

When I think about it, that actually could make sense. How could the fall of Russia be coordinated without some pay off to those who could [violently] oppose a planned collapse? Recall George H.W. Bush was head of the CIA long before the breakdown of the Soviet empire. Such contingencies would have had to been obvious to strategic planners.

And, it wouldn't have been a bad plan, either. If you're going to help to facilitate the roll-over of something as big as the former Soviet Union, there would of course be palms to be greased to keep things moving along just so. And George H.W. Bush was VP under Reagan and then President when the Wall in Berlin finally came down, so the timing of this speculation is interesting. If there were to be favors passed around to make sure the rollover of Russia happened smoothly, this would be the platform to manage it from.

A little research on the web will find things like this:
"For example, the offices conducting then-Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney's investigation of 2.3 trillion - that's TRILLION - dollars missing at the Pentagon (9/10/01 C-SPAN) were destroyed in the attack on the Pentagon. Evidence relevant to the Security & Exchange Commission (SEC) investigations of Worldcom and Enron - re: the $70 billion electric power swindle in California - was destroyed when Tower # 7, which housed SEC offices, collapsed a few hours after the Twin Towers. Both investigations disappeared. "
All coincidental, I'm sure, along with the later McKinney events, but nevertheless with a 'hot date' Oct. 7th and the ever-present possibility of terrorism striking at America's heartland, we'll just watch to see if an October 7th (or thereabout) event occurs. If it's terrorism, the close proximity to the announcement of new rules of short-selling and naked-shorting might be almost too coincidental to ignore.

That would be about the best evidence for an all-out 'war between the factions' of the PowersThatBe" I could imagine. So, I'll just watch the calendar.

Russia is upping defense spending by 25%.

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