Wednesday, March 10, 2004


NICK ANDERSON, LA TIMES - The first Republican-linked television ad attacking presumptive Democratic presidential nominee John F. Kerry depicts him as an old-fashioned liberal who, despite his avowed populism, favors expensive haircuts and designer shirts and owns a 42-foot yacht and several lavish residences... As the 30-second ad flashes photographs of the candidate, boats in a harbor and various pieces of real estate, a narrator says: "Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry. Hairstyle by Christophe's: $75. Designer shirts: $250. Forty-two-foot luxury yacht: $1 million. Four lavish mansions and beachfront estate: Over $30 million." It then shows Kerry with his home-state Democratic colleague Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, as the narrator adds: "Another rich, liberal elitist from Massachusetts who claims he's a man of the people. Priceless."

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