Friday, February 06, 2004

George Walker Bush / John Forbes Kerry

It seems likely that the President of the United States will be either George Walker Bush, or John Forbes Kerry, both of whom have considerable Yankee ancestry and royal descents. The combined nine royal descents are covered in Gary Boyd Roberts' new book, Royal Descents Of 600 Immigrants. An RD for Laura Bush, through North Carolina landgrave Christopher de Graffenried, is covered as well. Three of President Bush's RD immigrant forebears were non-New Englanders: Robert Livingston the Elder of New York, first lord of Livingston Manor; George Elkington of New Jersey; and Col. Walter Ashton of Virginia.

Senator Kerry's mother was a Forbes whose ancestor, Rev. John Forbes (died 1783), was a noted Anglican clergyman and magistrate in East Florida. Rev. Forbes' wife was Dorothy Murray, daughter of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's matrilineal immigrant ancestors, James Murray of North Carolina and Massachusetts and Barbara Bennet of North Carolina. (Thus Kerry and FDR are fourth cousins twice removed.) The Forbeses, Murrays and Bennets were all of royal descent.

Senator Kerry's mother's mother was Margaret Pyndal Winthrop of the family that founded Massachusetts Bay, a granddaughter of Robert Charles Winthrop, Speaker of the US House of Representatives and a great-grandson himself of Revolutionary statesman James Bowdoin, for whom the college is named. The wife of R.C. Winthrop, Speaker of the House, was the daughter of a Cabot and great- granddaughter of a Higginson and a Pickering of the Boston Brahmin families of those surnames.