Sunday, December 07, 2003

Universe Events - Hyper-spatial geometry applied to predicting future solar activity cycles

Recent events observed on the sun now make discussion about existence of solar change moot. The change has propagated to earth to the extent that environmental changes are now altering both the human habitat as well as life patterns. The huge death toll from the summer of 2003 in Europe is just the beginning. Manifesting as the impacts of a warming globe, humans can expect severe impacts in future years on their society and resource allocation.

Recent decades have seen an increase in all forms of 'natural disaster' which has been reflected in insurance company balance sheets as well as in the toll of loss of life, habitat, and property. This increase has accelerated at an increasing rate since 1975 with a further increase in the rate of increase beginning in 1995. Recent global death tolls and property damage reports further suggest that 2003 will be a dividing point for analyzing future history.

As the first of the 'abnormal' years where more records in all categories from weather events to disease states, 2003 also delineates 2002 as the last of the 'normal' years in which only about half of the weather and other records were broken. At this juncture, the likelihood is for more years like 2003 than like 2002. In other words, 2003 marks the end of the beginning and the progression into a new state of human and environment relations. ...

Based on our current understanding of these developing cycles, the next dangerously active period for earth dwelling humans relative to solar flaring and cycles would begin the week of December 14th 2003 with the most likely period of peaking activity being December 18 through the 24th.

If the geometry is correct, humans should see increased 'freak' or 'peak' weather with increased likelihood of electrical infrastructure impacts during this period and through the last week of December as the rotation after effects *(residual high energy impacts launched earilier) linger.

Of course, the period of rotation is not fixed, and involves more vertexes than are shown in the interlocking tetrahedrons. We will post any changes observed in the rotational period.

And of note, the 'dangerous periods' of solar flaring are not the only real danger. Solar radiation is rising and humans are experiencing all the effects of this radiation increase in their weather patterns as well as increases in earthquakes and other diverse effects including increased skin cancers and shorted clothing fiber life. So aware caution is advised both for the increased periods of solar activity and daily solar interaction.

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