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Here is the excerpted 2004 Horoscope for the coming year which is available together with a ten year forecast at the link below. When clicking through the link you will also be able to take a generic preview of the years 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 for each of your signs, together with an introduction for each year. More indepth monthly astrological comments will be forthcoming for my NewsLetter subscribers in the weeks to come.

As The World Turns in 2004

2004 is the year of speculation, innovation, conjecture, and new alliances. Spiritually the world splits into several levels - reality and anti-reality, gravity and anti-gravity, matter and anti-matter. Shifts of consciousness will gradually take people towards new interests and other dimensions. A new cosmology dawns. Teaching will be more interesting via the web, which transforms into an omni net. Families and homes will take on new meanings, as clans will gather and start moving around.

People will learn to go within and to become one with the web of life. Heads of states will roll worldwide. August and September is a potentially very dangerous and volatile time with a bunch of planets in the pan Arabian Mars point in Virgo challenged by transcending Pluto. I anticipate the Middle East to blow up just in time for the US “election”. I predicted Bush stays in the White House – not sure though he will finish his 2nd term..

While the inevitable and nefarious trend to a one-world government continues via wars, deceptions, and atrocities - with either Bush and/or Clintons - a sub-culture of new international thinkers, artists, and leaders emerges elsewhere. Children will become family leaders; dedication to belief systems, philosophy, arts, and humanities will expand, as it usually does in times of distress. The internet will be used in different ways. Independently produced movies, music, and books will be seen on new gadget screens.

People will start to question the matrix of life and the sense of their lives. The trend for economic success will be to become self-sufficient and to re-organize into smaller and livable communities. It will behoove people to reach out to one another and to make friends all across the globe. Sign by sign, planet by planet, you adapt to these times in the following ways:


2004 starts at warp speed for you. Place yourself ahead of change; persevere! Don't waste a minute; promote yourself. Begin a new dawn, yet be aware that Saturn tests you at times while Uranus trails you in your house of undoing, forcing you into mutable mysticism. Home front undergoes changes all year long. In February, your action radius expands. Financial transactions are favored. Your outlook is optimistic. Vernal equinox (3/21) is swiftness; new moon forms on the Celtic New Year in the first degree of Aries, and Mars moves into quick silvery Gemini – to accelerate life. Look for many more options. Probably relocation or a safe home is well aspected. During summer, you promote your work, services, and business affairs. By October, your relationships experience many new boosts. The year ends on a tenacious and secretive note. This is one of your best years in a long time, albeit fraught with challenges.


Relationships and financial matters are good news in 2004. Things start to make more sense after years of relative floundering. Your best new income source lies in networking and in applied teaching of previous skills you excelled at years ago. February & March, you are totally in charge. From mid May to end of June you feel at a loss, your popularity turning inwards to a quest for your inner values. Summer is for multi-faceted relating, with many potential alliances, and choices to opt from. Destinies on hold before 2004 should come knocking on your door now. Diligent work, harvest, nose to the grindstone, and an eye for your co-dependents 11 pay off. Year's end wants you to be careful, to investigate well, suggesting you supervise your partners carefully. The climate is gentle compared to the recent past. Yet, the phases of life are rapidly changing. Keep in step by expecting the unexpected. Network with the web of life!


Pluto still looks you into the inner eye from afar. You turn your interest toward things exotic. Untried belief systems start to awaken your higher sense of destiny. Uranus in your heaven's gate prods you into philosophical contemplations. Saturn slows down your financial net worth. Times in which not to sign agreements are the first weeks of January, all of April, August 9th to September 2nd, and November 29 to December 21st. You and retrograde Mercury make for a mental anxiety package during those weeks. Best to review what you did before, or repair your car and phones. Your best phase is March 21st to August 7th, feeling popular. May 17th to June 29th is for deep introspection, when a meaningful friendship which slipped through your mercurial fingers last year may come back for a 2nd chance; emotions run deep. At the end of 2004, you will look forward to a serious alliance, balance, and peace of mind: The reality checkpoint.


Saturn all year long in visit makes for a fragile emotional safety zone. Harsh tests of endurance are served. Notions of home, roots, and family undergo deep structural changes. Do not fret. This instability comes and goes only once every 29 years. It too shall pass. All of May, June and July you deploy productive activity. By August, you feel loved, and by September, you know it was all worth it. Fall could turn out to be one of your best financial moments. The 10/27 full moon eclipse is the key: you feel like secluding during November and December, a time in which you must not consider any long-term commitments of any sort. You are better off reviewing the progress you made in ten months against all odds. Saturn is said to bring massive rewards to those who navigate life in a timely and appropriate manner. Reach out and make new friends in your close geographical surroundings. You are the caretaker and care giver all year long.


Relationships remain on the romantic or dreamy side. There is detachment all around you. Your lion heart becomes more gregarious and your activity zone expands past March. May to September - July being the peak time - your belief in yourself and your ability to close and manage good deals expand considerably. You become the magnet of society around you. The last three months of 2004 the theme changes: Artistic creative expressiveness reaches an all time high, and real love is in the air. The climate of 2004 is contradictory. At times, you reach out and make a large profit. At other times, you must recharge the batteries in your lion's den. You might want to check into ways of community service, to see where you can be of benefit, while still center of attraction. The risks are few, challenges are many, but you will see opportunities in them. The last 60 days of 2004, you are better off being at home giving the party.


Intellectual powers are yours all of 2004. You are extremely busy during the first 120 days preparing a strategic goal. Detail planning of alternatives will come in handy later. Cinco de Mayo (5/5), Jupiter green lights your quests after 11 years of analysis paralysis. The next 120 days, see you on an unprecedented expansion course - recruiting people. Jupiter aligned with Mars & Sun all of September in your sign will bring in the harvest of a decade. In October, your popularity soars. Be discerning, start investing in art and fundamental values, partnerships and alliances beyond boundaries. Uranus demands these associations to be of free spirit, liberating, and mystical of nature. As of November, you get a chance to travel into encounters of the quiet kind. 2004 is in many ways the ultimate Virgo year of service, a big victory in your life. All previous efforts will pay off handsomely. You may take on the role of teacher or dean of society.


Life gets a tad tougher for the taste of the peacemaker. Career matters come under scrutiny all year long, as does the home and family front. Home may well be where you heal and where you can be of service to others. Work takes on new forms with Uranus liberating your 6th solar house. Relating to yourself is the key from mid May to end of June. Until the end of September, you have to close loose ends of your life and prepare for a completely new start in your life. As the sun, Mars and Jupiter enter your sign in the last week of September, a new era of selfassertion and material expansion dawns for you. The last 100 days of 2004 are your best times by far, when you expand your horizons, make new friends, travel, and bolster your financial affairs. Dreams on hold for many years come to stylish fruition in November. For this reason, you must prepare well in 2004, and make a serious effort to position yourself for that time.


This is a complex year for the control soul of professionalism. Uranus breaks you out of the mold in matters of the heart. It means free love. Don't even think of jealousy or possessiveness, let go of what did not work. The South Node of Karma transits your sign all year long, making you look into concepts of past life times; you pay off some old debts to get on par. The beginning of the year gives you great new opportunities. End of March to end of August your transformation potential must come from within because your ruler Pluto moves backwards on you. As of September, you can expand again. Fast forward in your planning to 10/27 when the spectacular total Scorpio full moon eclipse puts you in touch with the reformer in you. Spirituality and philosophy take on functions unknown hitherto in your life. Financially speaking this is a great year for you. The last 100 days of 2004 is when you manifest results. Investigate new strategies.


Ruler Jupiter rolls back as the year opens, and keeps you internalizing your grand plans until 5/5, when your 2003 ideals are revised. Career structure, higher studies of faith and belief, service and ethics are aspects to promote until 5/5, and long distance travel or faraway relocation makes sense after 5/5 and 10/12. Uranus seriously questions your fundamental childhood values. You may well decide to take surprisingturns as life may toss unexpected curve balls your way. Particularly if born between 11/22 and 11/30 you will feel how things break apart; born between 12/12 and 12/15 you feel the erosion of Pluto shape shifting your inner core. April & May you must see others' view points. In June, an old flame might bounce back. You are in the cross hairs of diverging energies pulling you in several directions. You need priorities. By year-end, you must create many new networks. Inner & outer changes transform you 14 totally.


Healer Chiron resumes his journey through your sign. Born after January 9th this affects you more, as your bone and life structure will transform. Ruler Saturn opposes you from Cancer all year long, checking the reality of your relationships, business partnerships, and home. In a way, 2004 polarizes the essence of your being. The best advice is to engage into serious therapy healing from within, and to let go of the ambitious concepts that only tend to come back at you like a boomerang. The first & last two months of 2004 are not a time to commit in any new direction, which leaves you March to October as the best time to organize the long haul. The ideal area to deploy your force is towards new friendships with the little people, teaching and nursing, as odd as it sounds, your priorities and tastes change. Spring and summer is time to test the benefit of partnership by seeing it form his/her viewpoint. Funding projects looks good.


Uranus enlightened you as it were, and now Neptune plays the paint thinner in your life. Your job is to show your surrounding a new kind of reality from within. Expand your networks and friendships in winter. Solidify your home in spring. Test into detached loves during summer. Use your mental and organizational skills in ways as to tap into new funding sources that look well aspected from May to September. As of October, you feel you have achieved much more in one year than in many years in the past: your popularity is sky high, and people follow you. There is one friend in your life that will always be your friend. Make this person your ally for the long haul. There are enormous amounts of work piling up on you, as you may be called upon to become in a way the chief of your clan. From mid June to early November your ruling planet Uranus backs into you. At that time, you want to tread carefully and reshape yourself.


If the choice is between unconditional love and sanity, go for unconditional functionality. Fast-forward to the end my friend: Life changing decisions. Your world depends on you, as you now also must take on leadership functions to make matters more complex. If it was ok to be kind and sensitive, now you lead the revolt: No prisoners! For many years, you will be the Alpha and the Omega, or the glue that keeps things together. Spring sees you storming ahead financially, summer sees you moving to new places, fall sees you engineering networks and cementing alliances. By year's end, you must investigate how to deploy your strategic command of undercurrents. Too many ask you for favors; even you have to prioritize your life. Chances are you settle for one ally worthy of you. Look after yourself; merge a career in secrecy and in the lime light. If anyone can balance this act, it is you. Financial independence is yours by year's end.

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