Thursday, November 06, 2003

Vlad and the Oil Patch Boyz

Excerpt from
You need to keep me as a source undisclosed, as********************************. The real story on Yukos & its thrown out 'owners', started w/Putin's visit 3 weeks ago. The deal goes like this: Russia wants 2 things: better mngt of & investment in their #1 export earner, oil & gas....and economic integration with the EMU. To that end, while US biz was head over heels investing billions in China since '95....who do you think invested any money in Yeltsin/now Putin's corrupt Russia? (hint: it wasn't us) Now they got something to sell, and to the Chinese too. But China could flood them with dollars, something of increasingly dubious value. Besides, the Europeans want to pay in Euros [& they were there when the going was really rough]. Enter Exxon Mobile, who knows a thing about operating O&G companies, knows how much current & future potential there is in Russia, knows how much danger there is in the mideast....and wants to buy a part ["as in let's partner, partner"]; E-M brings a lot to the table for the Russians. 2 problems: selling our oil in dollars [Russia/Europe vehemently opposed...China would love it], and the current 'ownership' of obstinate bunch of slick 'criminals' who rigged the original asset auction [true factoid] to create Yukos in the first place. So what to do to make all this legal, such that E-M can transact with the normal probity of corp governance & corp-board fiduciary responsibility [a hot issue now w/money mgrs & lawsuit hungry attys]? Simple: arrest the current owner on stuff he actually did, but was winked at the time....and fly over & tell the US president his largest oil company can indeed have a piece of the action....after all, he is an ex-oil guy....the cost: simple---we sell it [the oil that is] in Euros.

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