Sunday, November 30, 2003

The Non-existence of Al Quaeda has been freaking me out!!

Posted By: billym Date: Sunday, 30 November 2003, 12:59 a.m.

I have been thinking a lot about this lately too! And it has been really freaking me out! They keep talking about Al Quaeda as if it were actually some thing, some "organization," some entity which is to blame for all the bombs going off all around the world. But who is really behind all these various bombs going off here and there in the world?

We know that some Israelis connected to Mossad were caught setting up a fake "Al-Quaeda" cell in Palestine.And many of the bombings blamed on Al-Quaeda seem to have the earmarks of having been hoaxed Al-Quaeda events carried out by "other parties." What if the whole "Al Quaeda" thing were just completely made-up (by certain parties) as an illusion that the world shall be made to believe? My mind is in total bafflement as I struggle to understand how so huge a percentage of the world's people could believe in a totally false history, believe such a giant set of lies, all together, so many people, accepting a manufactured and erroneous view of everthing, just as the liars intended it to be.

Al-Quaeda could mainly be a joint CIA-Mossad super secret program, for all we know. Who knows? If you were Mossad, or the CIA, needing desperately a new perpetual enemy, wouldn't YOU just make-up a fake organization out of nowhere and go around setting bombs of (e.g. as "Al-Quaeda") so that the drums of new wars might roll on, to your corporation's heart's content? That project would seem to be a natural for either of these two groups, and as secret as can be, of course.

Just make it up! Make up your own reality and make the world believe it. The science of lies. How can it possibly have worked so well? This much success I never dreamed of.

The absolutely amazing thing to me, as I have been watching it happen, is that huge numbers of people will simply believe what you tell them, if you keep telling them over and over. People are sleeping automatons believing the official line without question! This is what is amazing. It is the perfect example of one of Gurdjieff's most basic principles: Man is asleep.

How many people in the world believe that Osama bin Laden planned and executed the 9-11 attacks. A lot! The official version is believed even though it is full of holes and absurdly ridiculous. Once you realize that, it becomes astonishing that the repetition of the lie through the media has brought about mass belief in a giant set of lies. Never in history has propaganda worked so well. This is well thought out. Crazy schemes of secret agencies: is all of our history since 9-11 just based on the grandest hoax ever devised?

Are there secret insulated levels of the secret government where groups of mad geniuses lay out plans on wide tables and run their programs and projects to manipulate all worldly events to write upon the earth the history that they desire?

That is why this is freaking me out because I see that the "world" has been deluded, that is, the common ordinary people by a huge majority believe a lie. So I am living in this world believing in something which almost no one else believes. The cognitive dissonance is there, in that what I know to be true is disbelieved by so many, and to feel that is to get the flavor of what being insane is like. In general, no one believes me! So it all makes me feel momentarily insane.

That is why the question about the reality of some major thing called "Al Quaeda" really freaks me out. Because how could so many believe a complete fabrication? I had no idea that a giant hoax and a lot of repetitious propaganda could work so well!

Imagine you wake up one day and you find out everyone in the world has gone to sleep at once. Everywhere you go, nothing is happening, because everyone is asleep and can't wake up. What would you do? You would go traveling all around to see if you could find another person who was still awake, wouldn't you? You would crave that. Because then you would be able to realize that you are not insane! The existence of just one other waking person would prove many things to you. What a relief that would be.

For those who want perpetual low-level wars the most natural thing in the world would be to create your own enemy, a mythic enemy, but one which nearly everyone will believe. It is a grand project, necessary for those who planned it, to get what they want, a perfect hoax leading into a make-believe world and a make-believe history, making the world believe that a lie is true.

Some will say it has always been this way, to one degree or another, that the "people" have always been living in illusions, their own, and those created for them and drummed into their heads by certain powers that be. That is okay. I guess it is true. But in all my life I have never before seen it splayed all down there before me and in such stark black and white. Who would ever have believed that such a vast majority of mankind could accept the official line of the man in a cave planning and pulling off a crack superior military strike that would be difficult enough for a super power.

Once I realized that 9-11 was a hoax, I realized that one must question everything. And that includes the question "Is this whole great 'Al Quaeda' itself also just a hoax? If 9-11 was a hoax then one might assume that the mythic and unknown "Al Quaeda" is also a part of that Grand Hoax. And if so I realize that the "world" is insane, the people believe anything you tell them, because they are asleep, they are dreaming.

And realizing that the world is insane and living in a complete illusion, realizing that has been lately really freaking me out! The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

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