Sunday, November 23, 2003

The Coming Week....

The coming week we will experience many things that will shake us up - a New Moon complete with Solar Eclipse - the effects of current solar storms - solar flare activity - coronal mass ejections - and the beginning of the holiday season - Thanksgiving.

Solar Eclipse Sunday - Journey to the End of the Earth

All of these events will impact on our subtle bodies - our emotional - physical - spiritual and mental bodies. There is always stress around this time of the year as people face family members they may not chose to spend time with where it not for the hoildays. These energies last until New Years Day - in most cases. Do withthem what you will. Some people use the time to heal issues - others to create new issues. Others are now able to better understand those we have karma with - the soul group we experience with as we grew up - in a different way. Stay cool and allow....... Do not preach metaphysics to people who do not connect or may not be ready. Actually it is best not to preach at all. Just have fun as best you can. This will be a rough holiday season for those out of work and have no money for presents and the usually holiday expenses. Whatever you are doing - try to enjoy the time - be helpful - stay balanced - don't overeat and get sick - and don't sabotage.


NASA - Eclipse Resource Page, New Moon Eclipse

Solar Eclipse for Beginners

The gift of a Solar Eclipse is to bring our new awareness into sharper focus, to reconfirm, recommit and redirect, if necessary, at the time of the New Moon. In the best scenario, our new patterns and best intentions are in place and will be charged with the energy of this alignment. The hallmark of Sagittarius is learning through experience of the world, often through travel. We might use this time to consider journeys of the mind or body, or both. We have a continuation from the November 9 eclipse of Mars in Pisces opposing Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Cancer opposing Chiron in Capricorn, so issues uncovered earlier in the month will be highlighted for possible resolution at this time. This is a Total Eclipse of the Sun, visible as a partial eclipse from Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand and the southern end of South America. The path of totality crosses Antarctica.

The Solar Eclipse on November 23 will be in the sign Sagittarius. This is the 4th and final eclipse of 2003. Solar eclipses are about creation through action and are more strongly felt than lunar eclipses. The Sun is masculine in astrology thus causing a Solar Eclipse to involve involve the men in your life (lover, husband, father, brother, male boss) and, also, issues that you control will play a big role in whatever takes place for you during the eclipse period (and up to two months after the eclipse date). The eclipse is also coinciding with a new moon, meaning a new beginning will emerge in the particular area of life ruled by the house where Sagittarius is placed in your natal chart.


First House
If either the Lunar Eclipse or the Solar Eclipse falls in your First House you will experience more independence, create a new identity or a new way of presenting yourself in the months ahead.

Second House
Your values will change if either of the Eclipses falls in your Second House. You may come to value yourself more highly finding talents and abilities of which you were not aware. The nature of your work may change.

Third House
If the Eclipses fall in your Third House you may find you improve your communication skills, take continuing education courses or you may find that you become more efficient in organization of your life. You may take more short trips than usual or spend more time with your siblings.

Fourth House
When the Eclipses fall in Fourth House you may find that you move or remodel your home, experience a new way of relating to your biological parents or focus on your Soul growth. Often you will find yourself spending more time at home.

Fifth House
When an Eclipse falls in your Fifth House you will experience a new birth-a child, a creative project or a work of art. Your Inner Child will need more attention. You will experience more opportunity for recreation and romance. You will have a greater tendency for speculation and risk taking.

Sixth House
When an Eclipse falls in your Sixth House your concerns will revolve around your health,
exercise, diet and nutrition. Your daily routines and your work will become more of
a focus for you. It is possible that small domestic animals will need more of your attention.

Seventh House
If an Eclipse falls in your Seventh House you feel like partnering. You will find you have new opportunities for establishing personal and or business partnerships. You will experience a renewed desire to be in a committed relationship. It is also a time for renewing and redefining existing relationships.

Eighth House
When an Eclipse falls in your Eighth House you will have the opportunity to receive more unearned income. Your partner's income may increase or you may receive income from insurance payments or settlements from estates, legacies, possibly an early retirement payoff. You will experience a new view of sexuality and sensuality.

Ninth House
If an Eclipse occurs in your Ninth House you may have opportunity to teach, write or to pursue a field of higher education. It is possible you will experience a long distance relocation. Long distance travel is possible. There may be opportunities for marketing or public relations. You might experience the birth of a third child and or concerns with in-laws.

Tenth House
When an Eclipse falls in your Tenth House your destiny will change in some way. Your career will change: you may quit a job or change professions. You could take a sabbatical or work excessively. You may receive public recognition. You might decide to marry.

Eleventh House
When an Eclipse falls in your Eleventh House your attention will be drawn to your goals. Some goals will come to fruition and others will be revised. You will become more involved with friends and groups of people. Friends will play a more prominent role in your life. Groups or friends could be responsible for an increase in your income.

Twelfth House
The Twelfth House is a house of introspection. When an Eclipse falls in your Twelfth House you will spend more time than usual alone. Situations or people from your past may require your attention. You may examine and revise your habits and attitudes. You may find yourself cleaning out closets and letting go of possesions. Meditation will be particularly benificial. Dreams could be particularly vivid and prophetic.

From Sacred Path Astrology

This eclipse will take place in the sign of Sagittarius, a Fire Sign sign, so whatever happens may involve foreigners, people at a distance, travel, education, and religious matters. This eclipse will be difficult for everyone as it is in a sqaure aspect to both Jupiter and Mars. We are all going to get some long hoped for good news and some surprising news in the near future because of this eclipse!

Signs most affected by the eclipse will be Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Leos take note - you may find out that you're going to be welcoming a new life into the world and it could be a boy or a girl born into a masculine sign of the Zodiac.

This energy is linked to the celestial activity which includes the strange solar storms that began on October 27th and continue - the Harmonic Concordance and 11:11.

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