Sunday, October 26, 2003

USS Liberty Attack Was US Operation

From J B Campbell

Of course, the attack on the USS Liberty was deliberate. The point is that the attack was designed by Johnson and his Zionist handlers. The Liberty was sent to Gaza to be sunk. This is even hinted in Ennis' book, Assault on the Liberty. Ennis kicked me off the USS Liberty forum in 1997 for pointing this out.

Who can doubt this after learning of not only the cover-up but the actions of Johnson during the attack? He was quoted by a UPI reporter in the war room as saying, "I'd rather they sink the goddamned thing than go against our friends."

The Liberty was deliberately placed in the hot war zone with no protection so that she could be sunk quietly with no witnesses and the massacre blamed on the Egyptians, who could then be attacked not only by Israel but by the US on behalf of Israel.

Israel would have had the green light to attack in all directions with the full support of an enraged American people. If the Liberty had been sunk we can bet the Zionist propaganda mills would have exploded with the news of Egyptian treachery. But when the combined efforts of the Israeli air force and navy failed to sink this unarmed tub, the mills were silent, the atrocity was classified and the Liberty's personnel threatened with prison for talking about the attack.

A cover-up of this magnitude was meant to protect the treacherous American Zionists who planned this war crime - not so much the Israeli butchers.

How could Johnson's orders to allow the ship to be sunk possibly be justified in an investigation? Ordering jet fighters recalled twice while the attack was ongoing? Johnson and McNamara could have been hanged for treason. It's not too late for McNamara.

People, especially the Liberty survivors, do not understand the catastrophic setback for Israel that this botched massacre represented. If the American people could have been told that Egypt sank the Liberty, Eretz (Greater) Israel would have been a reality by 1970. That was the whole idea behind sending the USS Liberty to her fate off Gaza. Zionist rule would have stretched from the Nile to the Euphrates with the full support of the bamboozled American public.

Is there a statute of limitations for treason?

J. B. Campbell


From Prof. Sam Hamod

Dear friends,

Another thing that will bolster JB Campbell's position on President Johnson, that he knew of this and let it happen, or even wanted the ship sunk (which I doubt, but even that is possible) is:

1. Nasser wanted to attack israel, but Johnson called him and told him that he'd keep Israel from attacking. Nasser had all of his planes lined up on runways ready to go; his tanks, also. Unfortunately, for history, and for the sake of America and the Arab world and world history, Nasser listened to Johnson and trusted him.

2. The Israelis then attacked shortly after the phone call after Nasser had his people stand down; it was a turkey shoot with the Egyptian military almost entirely destroyed on every front.

3. The USS Liberty would have radioed this information and it would have obligated the Amerians to intervene - but with the ship out of the way, there was no intelligence coming in to the military.

4. Also, someone at the hghest order of command, namely the President, countermanded the military men and called the US planes back that were to go help the Liberty while it was under attack.

I had always admired johnson for his social concerns as a senator and as President, but his behavior in this matter and his behavior in the Viet Nam War show that he was completely in the hands of the military industrial complex and the Zionists.


Prof. Sam Hamod
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