Friday, October 03, 2003

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End of Civilization on CNN

The report on CNN yesterday was not the biggest headline on the evening news, and in fact, if you weren't watching for it, the biggest story of the year was passed just below the mass awareness level of American yesterday. Still, we have to doff our hat this morning in the direction of CNN's headquarters for running a story modestly titled "World Oil and Gas Running Out" It's at and is mandatory Urban Survival reading. As a long time reader of this site, you've been seeing our references to things like and other sites that dare to ask the question, "How are you going to live, let alone work, when oil goes exponentially up in price as the rich out bid the poor who need energy too?" This is a critical change of thinking for the end of cheap oil is the end of mass consumerism. Like the think tank is fond of reminding me, "the action is at the river bank - and now the oil stories have started to slowly move out into the mainstream." This weekend for Inside Report subscribers, we'll get into the problem of short time horizons and what the longer view suggests. I think you'll enjoy it.

Half a Year in Iraq

And some interesting remarks on how it has been going for the U.S. from the Russian perspective:

Also speaking of Russia, an interesting anthrax story at which is worth reading because you may not know that anthrax diseased animal burial sites pose the same kind of long term dangers - over 500 years - assome kinds of nuclear waste sites. Oh yes, and speaking of nuclear...

Pakistani Missile Tests

Have confirmed that they have a nuclear capable missile good for a 150 mile warhead throw: Not exactly the kind of news you want to wake up if you are in India.

Want to make a Million?

There's a BBC story this morning which brings up an interesting point: If you are going to defraud or embezzle, you can do as much damage on the credit side of the books as the debit side. Go read about the big debt scam unraveling at

Market Outlook

All depends on the jobs numbers today. If they are halfway cooked, and come in at 6.2%, then the market will hold or decline. If they can be pushed down to 6.1% by the Gang that Couldn't Count Straight at the market will hold or increase. You'll recall that since Bush took office 4.5 million jobs have been eliminated. And that's after kicking the economy in the butt with a pair of wars! Look for more National Guard call ups to keep creating a few temporary job openings.

Pope Watch

There's an update in the Washington Post at

Before I get into why this Pope's health is so important, let me give you a little perspective: I'm not Catholic, but I absolutely believe that physics and the Church agree on the conservation of energy. When there's energy, it is neither created, nor destroyed. It just changes form. A little basic physics and a few personal experiences with precognition (seeing future events) and even our recent web bot work all convince me that there is something outside of the standard human (Western Reductionist) realm of thinking about time and reality. Even quantum physics demonstrates that the arrow of time is only an average and that time does flow the wrong way to some extent.

With that as background, I want you to do is click over to and read about St. Malachy's prophesies. If you want more (and it's fascinating stuff) click over to If we get a Benedictine Order Pope, the odds go astronomical that the next Pope will be Peter of Rome - and at that time, regardless of your views of Catholicism, you'll want to have all your affairs in order....

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