Monday, September 29, 2003

The Overthrow Of The American Republic, Part 40

... [6] Another big whisper, fearful to the newsfakers, is about how those sneaking over the border into the U.S. have been used for America's Imperialistic designs. A sizeable number coming across the deserts and the Rio Grande, have been grabbed, sent to U.S. Military boot camp, and make up part of the U.S. forces in Iraq. They do not speak English and are difficult to supervise. When these "grunts" are killed in fire-fights and such with Iraqis and others who oppose U.S. as foreign invaders, or die from accidents or illness in Iraq; their bodies are NOT returned to the U.S., or, for that matter, to Mexico. These "U.S. Troops" are buried in mass graves in Iraq, and no count kept or officially revealed as to how many perished.

A documentary maker, apparently uncovering the mass graves of "U.S. troops" and this terrible secret, was ordered reportedly to be murdered by U.S. Special Forces or similar teams, and explained away as an "accident".

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Information Clearinghouse Newsletter

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Australian TV Documentary:

Trouble on the Homefront:

Dissent is rising in George Bush's heartland - military bases and towns across the United States.


U.S. Soldiers Returned from Iraq Spark Airport Scare:

Two U.S. soldiers returning from Iraq were taken into custody at Philadelphia International Airport after a baggage handler saw what looked like a small arsenal of weapons in their carry-on bags.


How to ruin a great army? See Donald Rumsfeld:

How will they explain to history the mistakes that threaten to weaken a great nation even as it seeks ways to win the war on terrorism it has declared?


Seven US soldiers wounded in convoy ambush:

One witness, Mohammad Ali, told AFP: "An American jeep was blown up at around 9.30am (3.30pm AEST) and an American car. I saw the bodies of four Americans who had died, one of them without legs."


Pentagon's call to mercenaries

Jason is taking part in military training in rural Pennsylvania. But he is a mercenary, not a government soldier, and this is America's latest boom industry.


On how to make enemies:

Are the new enemies of the US of its own making? One gets the impression that an office, located somewhere in Washington, has been assigned the task of making plans on a daily basis for the acquisition of new enemies.


U.S. Remains Leader in Global Arms Sales, Report Says:

The United States was the leader in total worldwide sales in 2002, with about $13.3 billion, or 45.5 percent of global conventional weapons deals, a rise from $12.1 billion in 2001.


Ashcroft Is Unprintable, And Glad Of It:

On tour, he bars the press and cozies up to local TV reporters


Democracy Now!, Debate:

Scholar Norman Finkelstein Calls Professor Alan Dershowitz's New Book On Israel a "Hoax" Author and professor Norman Finkelstein charges that Dershowitz makes numerous factual errors in his book. Dershowitz denies the charges. Video & Transcript.


Palestinian Scholar Edward W. Said Dies:

Said had suffered from leukemia for years and died at a New York hospital late Wednesday.


Suspected Taliban Kill Another Afghan Aid Worker


U.S. Absolves Troops In Shooting Of Iraqi Police:

A U.S. military investigation found no misconduct by U.S. soldiers who earlier this month killed eight Iraqi policemen and a Jordanian hospital guard near Fallujah, the U.S. commander in Iraq said Thursday.


Iraqi Council Members Dies of Wounds After Shooting:

Akila al-Hashemi died from wounds she sustained in an assassination attempt on Saturday, the head of the country's U.S.-led administration said on Thursday.


Bomb Kills Guard At Baghdad Hotel For U.S. Media:

A bomb exploded on Thursday at a Baghdad hotel housing journalists from U.S. television network NBC, killing a guard, the latest in a string of deadly attacks targeting foreigners in Iraq.;jsessionid=GXONDFRZ42UX0CRBAEZSFEY?type=topNews&storyID=3506169


Up to 100,000 expected at London Iraq protest:

UK: Tens of thousands of people are expected to join a protest calling for the withdrawal of British and US troops from Iraq this weekend.,12809,1049656,00.html


Venezuela's Chavez Blasts US Over 'Terrorist' Plot:

President Hugo Chavez said on Wednesday Venezuelan "terrorists" plotting to kill him were training in the United States, and he told the U.S. and Spanish governments to stop meddling in his country's affairs.


200 Held in Yemen 'to Placate US':

The US-led "war on terror" has caused a worsening of human rights in Yemen, with the authorities there holding almost 200 people without trial in an effort to placate the Americans.,2763,1048570,00.html


U.S. Urged To Modify Approach to Postwar Iraq :

"Is the United States really interested in creating an Iraqi democracy, or are we fearful that giving power to the Iraqi people will produce policies counter to our interests?"


Brussels to give E200m ($229m) to rebuild Iraq:

The small sum, which the commission is expected to pledge at next month's donors conference, illustrates the poor response to president to President George W. Bush's call for more international military and financial support.


Britain in talks with US on restoring death penalty:

The attorney general is discussing with the US the reintroduction of the death penalty in Iraq.,2763,1049307,00.html


Robert Fisk: Brutal Reality That Fans The Flames Of Hatred In Iraq:
If anyone wants to know why Iraqis set bombs for American soldiers, they had only to sit in the two-storey villa in this little farming village and look at the frozen face of Ahmed al-Ham and his angry friends yesterday.


Bush Plan on Iraq Hits Snag in Congress:

"The American people never been told that we're going into that country to build a new nation, to build a new government, to democratize the country and to democratize the Middle East," Byrd said. "They were told we're going in there because of weapons of mass destruction."


More American Troops May Face Iraq Duty:

The United States may have to alert thousands more National Guard and Reserve troops within weeks that they are needed for duty in Iraq, the Pentagon's second-ranking general said Wednesday.


Ten Afghans killed in helicopter strike against 'Taliban chiefs'

At dawn, he went out to investigate and found his neighbours' camp in ruins. Five women and four children were dead, he said. Five men and a woman lay wounded.


U.S. Troops Hold, Handcuff Two AP Iraqi Staff:
The incident on Tuesday was the latest involving U.S. troops and foreign reporters in Iraq. U.S. soldiers shot up Radium's car last Thursday in Khaldiya, about 60 miles west of Baghdad, during a firefight after a U.S. convoy was hit by a roadside bomb, the AP said.


U.S. Forces Kill 18 in Heavy Iraq Clashes


No Homecoming Trumpets for the fallen?:

Notice anything missing in the news media since all this war business started? Has anyone heard the trumpets blaring or seen cameras clicking in patriotic fever as the body bags arrive and unload from military cargo planes?


Focusing on the Reasons for War:

With no proven ties to Al Queda and no weapons of mass destruction to be found, why in heavens name did the White House order the invasion of Iraq?


Tortured Confessions:

The "confessions" of Abu Zubaydah and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, made under CIA interrogation, should be treated with skepticism rather than accepted at face value.


Israel A Danger:
What country in the Middle East possesses nuclear weapons, refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and refuses to allow international inspection of its nuclear facilities?

Liberty can not be preserved without general knowledge among people." (August 1765) John Adams


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Saturday, September 20, 2003


Posting from WhiteRaven at Rumor Mill News:

The next time you are in an airplane try this. When you are up in the air flying around sneak out your cell phone and turn it on (they tell you not to...). It will try to locate service. It may momentarily acquire signal but then it will go right back to "looking". It is NOT POSSIBLE to complete a cell call and carry on a conversation while flying around in an airplane.

The ones in the back of the seat in front of you, such as the one that Barbara Olson (author and wife of Solicitor General Ted Olson) was said to have used to call her husband collect, requires activation with a credit card to use. It does not accept "collect" calls. I do not know the specific technology used with those, but it could be either satellite or using HF radio frequencies.

Now ask yourself, where did all the transcripts of the "Let's Roll" conversations come from? And the flight attendant who was "on the plane" going into the WTC?

It didn't take more than this to convince this jury of 1 that the guilt for 911 came from within the United States. No other country controls the entire US media... No other country controls Ted Olson - who reported his story in his own words on Fox News and other US media outlets.

You have a much better chance of remaining sane if you believe in the tooth fairy.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Scott McClellan, WH Press Secretary

RUSSELL MOKHIBER: Scott, two things. First, does the President know how many people have been killed and wounded in Iraq since the beginning of the war?

SCOTT MCCLELLAN: Those numbers are made available, publicly.

MOKHIBER: Does the President know how many --

MCCLELLAN: He's very well aware of the sacrifices that are made in Iraq.

MOKHIBER: Well, how many -- how many people have been killed in Iraq? Not just Americans -- total people killed and wounded in Iraq since the beginning of the war?

MCCLELLAN: Russell, I don't have those numbers.

MOKHIBER: Does the President know?

MCCLELLAN: Russell, I think that --

MOKHIBER: Are they available?

MCCLELLAN: I'm sorry?

MOKHIBER: Are they available?

MCCLELLAN: I don't know that you can keep track of all the numbers. I mean those are issues you need to address to the coalition provisional authority

MOKHIBER: Do you know whether the President knows

MCCLELLAN:: Or, I'm sorry, the Central Command.

MOKHIBER: Does the President know how many people have been killed --

MCCLELLAN: The President knows that what we are doing in Iraq is central to winning the war on terrorism.

MOKHIBER: That wasn't my question.

MCCLELLAN:: It is central --

MOKHIBER: Does he know how many people have been killed and wounded?

MCCLELLAN: It is central to bringing about --

MOKHIBER: I know that. But does he know how many -- MCCLELLAN: -- a more peaceful and more secure --

MOKHIBER: -- have been killed and wounded. MCCLELLAN: -- which means a safer world.

MOKHIBER: That's not the question, Scott. The question I had was, does the President know how many --

MCCLELLAN: Again, I've answered the question. I told you he's well aware of the sacrifices that our troops have made and the sacrifices that their families are making with our troops over there in Iraq.
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33 million people in U.S. not born here

"The foreign-born population in the United States grew to more than 33 million in 2002, a jump of 5 percent in one year and accounting for nearly half the country's population growth last year, according to the Census Bureau."Story found at Washington

Bin Laden family allowed 9/11 leave

Things that make you go, hmmmmm... NEW YORK, Sept. 2 (UPI) -- The bin Laden family were granted extraordinary White House privileges to fly out of U.S. airspace following the attacks of Sept. 11th, 2001. Link found at Washington Times >>Full story...