Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Marilyn Monroe

Norma Jean Baker AKA Marilyn Monroe found dead today's date, 1962 ... Used and Abused ... sad, sad story!


NOEL COWARD, 6 AUGUST 1962 - Marilyn Monroe committed suicide yesterday. The usual overdose. Poor silly creature. I am convinced that what brought her to that final foolish gesture was a steady diet of intellectual pretentiousness pumped into her over the years by Arthur Miller, and 'The Method'. She was, to begin with, a fairly normal little sexpot with exploitable curves, and a certain natural talent. I am sure that all the idiocies of her last few years, always being late on the set, etc., plus over-publicity and too many theoretical discussions about acting, were the result of all this constant analysis of every line in every part she had to play, and a desperate longing to be 'intellectual' without the brain to achieve it. It is a sad comment on contemporary values that a beautiful, famous and wealthy young woman of thirty-six should capriciously kill herself for want of a little self-discipline and horse-sense. Judy [Garland] and Vivien [Leigh] in their different ways are in the same plight. Too much too soon and too little often.

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