Thursday, May 15, 2003

Some Audience Members Told Not to Wear Ties for Bush Speech

By Jim Shella, News 8 Political Reporter, "President Bush came to Indianapolis to send the message that his tax cut plan will help everyone and not just the wealthy. That's why all those people sitting behind him were instructed on what to wear. When it comes to Bush’s public appearances, it seems very little is left to chance. The president has been criticized for the effort and expense that it took to create photo opportunities when he flew onto the USS Abraham Lincoln earlier this month. The same sort of image-making was a part of his Indianapolis speech. George W. Bush came to Indianapolis for the picture. And in that picture, the White House wanted ordinary people. “These are V.I.P.'s right, ordinary people aren't up on stage behind the president of the United States when he's speaking but the trick is to make V.I.P.'s look like they're ordinary people,” said Bill Bloomquist, political scientist. That's why everyone sitting behind the president wearing a necktie was instructed to take it off ,,, While there’s nothing wrong with image-making, viewers should be aware when it’s taking place. >>Full story...

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