Saturday, May 17, 2003

More "Zetatalk"

ZETATALK CONFIRMS POLESHIFT DATE IS MAY 27TH, Posted By: WhiteRaven, Date: Saturday, 17 May 2003, Nancy Lieder was the guest on Lou Gentile's radio show for three hours tonight (Friday, May 16, 2003). Lou's main website crashed Friday night, but is expected to be back up and free archives will hopefully be posted next week. [We hope that will be BEFORE rotation stop occurs....] The firm dates Nancy (via the Zetas) gave during the show are as follows: Tuesday, May 20th ----- Sun will set 1-2 hours later; Wednesday, May 21st ----- Rotation stop; Tuesday, May 27th ----- Pole shift. is currently down, but a number of mirror sites are available: ; ; ... Lou Gentile's website (may be down temporarily) Link found at RumorMillNews

FOX NEWS MAKES BRIEF MENTION OF OP PLANET X HeraldAp: Looks like at least our military is not tired of this subject if they are using it to name military exercises! Oddly enough, this story was released on May 15, which is the first day Nancy at Zetatalk said we should begin looking for her predicted earthchanges. She and her alien masters have now stated this date is revised, with the rotation stoppage presumably beginning on Tuesday of next week.

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