Tuesday, May 13, 2003

More Moore on Disney's boards

By Shawn Langlois, SAN FRANCISCO (CBS.MW) - EXCERPTS: The same boisterous lot that made Michael Moore one of the most "searched for" names on the Internet after the Academy Awards was back at it Monday when the Drudge Report said Disney would fund Moore's new anti-George Bush documentary. While virtual chants of "Eisner hates America" and "Boycott all Disney products" reached comical proportions, some people actually tried to maintain some sanity.

AnnAkronism: "Why would a company who supposedly wants to attract families sponsor a divisive idiot like Michael Moore?" she wrote. "A civil war is coming to America, closer with every day and every Marxist assertion by Eisner-Moore. It's especially interesting when the very rich want socialism for the rest of us."

MMisAJerk, who cast aside that pesky constitution and waxed McCarthy: "I can't believe that the police have not arrested Michael Moore yet for subverting the Bush Administration and speaking out against it?"

AisleSeats: "The word is spreading fast. Emails, faxes, chat rooms, message boards, letters, talk shows, radio. It's starting to roll. The media has been informed. For Disney to fund Michael Moore's next film is the single most anti-American act ever done by a US corporation. It demands action and it will sink Disney!"

FeralPegX: "Disney and Michael Moore have the right to their opinions. That's called 'freedom of speech.' I don't have to agree with what Michael Moore says and I don't have to watch his films, but he has the right to make them. If you guys all want to boycott Disney, that's fine with me."

G1522: "As for you cry babies canceling your vacations and selling your stock because of this, good riddance -- if you're that stupid Disney doesn't need you. Hopefully the powers that be have assessed the pros and cons and determined that this move will be a positive for the company overall." >>Full story...

Have you noticed how much the mainstream media and the government pays attention to the chatter on the internet?

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