Saturday, May 31, 2003


JOHN SCOTT and MICHAEL LEA, SUN, UK - The young mum who uncovered the Iraqi PoW sex snaps scandal said last night: "I felt sick to the stomach at those pictures." Kelly Tilford, 22, called police after developing a film in her photo shop. The shocking pictures - revealed by The Sun yesterday - showed male Iraqis apparently forced into sexual positions by their British captors. In another a prisoner was suspended by rope from a fork-lift truck driven by a laughing Brit. Fusilier Gary Bartlam, 18, of Tamworth, Staffs, is being grilled by the Army's top criminal investigator - amid fears the scandal is the tip of an iceberg. . . >>Full story...


In the first mathematical analysis of Bill O'Reilly ever done, the Review has incontrovertibly proved what was previously believed only anecdotally: O'Reilly is a bully and a jerk. The study examined O'Reilly's interview [sic] with Jacob Sullum who has written an important new book on drugs, "Saying Yes: In Defense of Drug Use." Using the advanced technology of Microsoft's Word Count, the Review determined that Sullum only got in 35 more words than the interviewer, O'Reilly. O'Reilly got in the longest statements - 89 and 104 words - while Sullum in 35 exchanges only managed to say more than 50 words (a little less than a half minute) on three occasions. In 42.85% of the exchanges Sullum only managed to get in five words or less. Ironically, the longest statement of the interview - by O'Reilly - began this way: "We got -- hey, Mr. Sullum, this is a discussion, all right. You let me get my points in. I'll let you get yours in, all right. Let's get that straight up. . . " Up to that point, the interviewee had only managed to get in five more words than the host. The study also found that while Sullum interrupted O'Reilly seven times, the host interrupted the guest 12 times, providing such useful additions as: O'REILLY: Pinheads like you are encouraging intoxication... At the end, O'Reilly - as he often does - graciously told Sullum; O'REILLY: Look, you irresponsible libertines cause so much damage to this society, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. I'll give you the last word. In fact, not only did O'Reilly managed to get in four more last thoughts but they added up to 33 more words than Sullum was able to squeeze in. >>Full story...

Friday, May 30, 2003

Mad cow disease likely in US cattle

Paris - Mad cow disease has probably infected some American cattle, despite proud claims that herds in the United States are clean, the British weekly New Scientist reports. It asserts this on the basis that a cow with bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) was found in Canada, which has an open trade border with the US and with whom it shares many farming practices and veterinary standards. "If Canadian cattle are infected, it is likely that the disease is also present in the US," New Scientist says >>Full story...

Strange Solar Eclipse on May 31

A partial eclipse of the Sun surrounded by strange circumstances is on tap for Saturday, May 31 and will be visible in parts of North America, Europe and the Middle East. The event could be quite spectacular at sunrise in Europe, especially in the United Kingdom. Looking directly at the Sun is dangerous, so proper viewing techniques (below) are necessary. The most impressive aspect of the event will be an annular, or ring eclipse, so named because the Moon’s disk will be too small to completely cover the Sun’s disk. The result is a ring of fire surrounding the black circle of the Moon. It's like a dull penny sitting atop a shiny nickel. Annular eclipses can occur because the Moon's orbit around Earth is not quite a circle. When the Moon is closer to Earth than average, a total solar eclipse can occur. When it is farther than average, an annular eclipse can result. The annular eclipse will be visible across a sparsely populated swath of Earth from Scotland to the Canadian Arctic. The extreme northern track of the Moon's shadow will likely make this one of the most unusual solar eclipses that will occur in the 21st century. >>Full story...

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Hope's Birthday Brings Veterans' Thanks

LOS ANGELES - Bob Hope might need another century to be thanked by all the veterans who cherish the wisecracker's performances for U.S. troops. From World War II to Desert Storm, Hope swaggered fearlessly through battle zones as if strolling the back nine of a golf course. As he turns 100 on Thursday, Hope remains the only civilian named an honorary veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces. The ailing comic, who spends most of his time at his Toluca Lake estate, is no longer able to communicate and was not expected to appear at any of the numerous birthday celebrations. But his centennial has many servicemen offering remembrances of the entertainer, whose signature song is "Thanks for the Memory." >>Full story...

Chris Rock's Quote of the Day

"You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, the tallest guy in the NBA is Chinese, the Swiss hold the America's Cup, France is accusing the U.S. of arrogance, Germany doesn't want to go to war, and the three most powerful men in America are named 'Bush', 'Dick', and 'Colon'. Need I say more?"


WEBSITE OF THE DAY: Do you know your Dada from your Moma? Try to choose between art and crap and see. For the purposes of this quiz, "art" is something that has been exhibited as such or written about in an art magazine. FYI, your editor got only 9 out of 16 right. Link found at UnderNews >>Full story...

Flag in Distress?


By: Rayelan 28 May 2003, "... Richard believes that the main reason for the Iraq War was to raid the Baghdad Museum. He believes that the target for the "theives" was thousand year old clay tablets that carry the true history of the planet. I had been told this same thing by one of my sources about a week ago. He said that the tablets were safely stored in the basement of the Smithsonian Institution where they were being translated. When he said this, I asked, "Do you mean we are going to eventually know what they say?" He answered, "Only if the good guys get in power and release it." He told me the reason the tablets were taken was to ensure that the true history of the planet is NEVER released ... " Link found at Rumor Mill News >>Full story...

Russia To Complete Iran Nuclear Plant Despite U.S. Pressure

MOSCOW, May 27 ( & News Agencies) - Russia reiterated Tuesday, May 27, its determination to complete the construction of Iran's first nuclear power plant despite mounting American pressures to scrap the project. Russia "is insisting on the construction of the Bushehr plant, and is confident that the launch of its first bloc will be completed on time," said Russian Atomic Energy Minister Alexander Rumyantsev ... >>Full story...

HIV cure: barking up the wrong tree?

Phnom Penh - Police in south-eastern Cambodia were ordered to stop villagers in the area from stripping bark from trees believed to cure HIV, said authorities. Cambodians from as far away as Phnom Penh began descending late last week on a number of "rumdenh" trees in Prey Veng province, bordering Vietnam, after a 42-year-old woman reported tea made with the tree bark cured her of Aids ... >>Full story...


MICHAEL DOBBS, WASHINGTON POST - When Elliott Abrams stood in front of a federal judge in October 1991 and pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of withholding information from Congress, few imagined he would ever return to government. At age 43, he had become one of the casualties [sic] of the Iran-contra scandal, detested by Democrats for his combative political style and mistrusted by human rights activists for playing down the crimes of right-wing dictatorships in Central America. Twelve years later, Abrams is helping to shape White House policies toward many of the world's trouble spots. Appointed in December as President Bush's senior adviser on the Middle East, his responsibilities extend from Algeria to Iran. But nowhere is his influence more evident than on the Arab-Israeli peace process... >>Full story...

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Photodude's Memorial Day Musings

More on Memorial Day, Pt. 2 ... “'It seems like every single thing I sent to him was just sent back,' Jordan said. 'So that means the whole time he was there he never received anything. I wonder, how did he feel? Did he think we weren't sending him anything?'” Amanda Jordan's husband Phil was killed on March 23. He'll never get that mail. He never saw the Valentine that his son had mailed 8 weeks or more before he died ...."

More on Memorial Day, Pt. 1 - The Atlanta Journal Constitution had a series of articles over the past couple of days that tie together in interesting ways.

National Moment of Remembrance

Recent Drudge Headlines

Canada Weighs Decriminalizing Pot Possession... | Suspended NY Times Reporter Says He'll Quit; Bragg Decries 'Poisonous Atmosphere' | PAPER: CASE WANTS AOL SPINOFF FROM TIMEWARNER... | BLOOD TESTS STRENGTHEN SARS LINK BETWEEN ANIMALS AND HUMANS... | UK SOLDIERS CLAIM: 'War vaccines poisoned us'... | Drones to be tested for traffic management... | Euro Hits Record High Versus Dollar... | BUSH CITES N KOREA IN DIRECTIVE ORDERING ANTIMISSILE SYSTEM... | EU Constitution Unveiled... Links found at Drudge Report

Don't believe everything that you read

Buenos Aires - An Argentinian women's magazine had to publish an apology after issuing advice which caused more than 100 microwave ovens to explode. Claudia magazine said women could restore old bottles of nail varnish by putting them in a microwave oven for three minutes. But many of the women who tried it found the chemical reaction caused their microwave ovens to explode. - Link found at >>Full story...

The Matrix reloaded: Revelation of the Method

The first “Matrix” was obviously new age in its overall presentation: that you’ve got to believe in yourself and then you can change the parameters of reality from within. And it had the overall message that there is another reality, that we are in a false reality. It covered and explained denial, how some people want to remain inside the lie and don’t want to know the truth, don’t want to remember the truth, want to be reinserted into the fraud at the cost of their sovereignty, their liberty, their freedom, their creativity ... And he tells them how pathetic and little they are and how they are controlled by their instincts, how he manipulates those ... I’ve never seen a more powerful, overtly soul-twisting, mind-control film .... everyone has chip implants and chip plug-ins – and this is a good thing ... They are conditioning the children that it’s normal to have plug-ins into your mind – wireheads ... It is an Illuminati film through and through. They tell you we are the Illuminati, we are throwing this in your face. They look right at you on the screen and say we are taking over. There is no way to defeat us. We are going to dominate you. We are going to bring you into the evermind – the hive mind. And it’s not just Wired Magazine and Silicon Weekly and many other publications, including Salon Today, that are warning you of the takeover ... a new Army War College report ... said within 25 years we will all be in a hive mind, that the Pentagon will oversee the insertion of the public into a control grid ... the army’s main job will be, through peer pressure, convincing the public to take brain chips by 2024 ... They are preparing you for your journey into the real matrix ... the newest DARPA document (see “A Spy Machine of DARPA’s Dreams) ... say everything you do will be tracked and traced and you will be plugged into that system ... promotionals where the family that took the chips is called “wonderous, genius, cool”, “everybody wants it.“ “Everybody is going to get it ...” There are subliminals in the film both overtly in the tapestry in the buildings, in the background in what the people say ... “The Pentagon is about to embark on a stunningly ambitious research project designed to gather every conceivable bit of information about a person's life, index” it and “and make it searchable” “What national security experts and civil libertarians want to know is, why would the Defense Department want to do such a thing?” ... The globalists know that you are waking up to the fact that there is a New World Order. So they are playing up the psychics and the new age and all these other religions ... And when you see a society in decline, the empires always use superstition and gladiatorial diversions to divert and distract them. >>Full story...

GPS, Galileo and the China factor

Does Europe need to spend US$3 billion to duplicate the United States' 28-satellite Global Positioning System, the satellite system that is designed to tell anyone with the right receiver exactly where he is located on Earth? Apparently so, to the manifest irritation of the US government. That irritation is starting to ratchet up with word that the European Union is asking the Chinese government for help in creating its system, called Galileo. The Chinese are weighing various options, but it is widely believed that they will join the Europeans in creating Galileo, which would by 2008 loft a constellation of 30 satellites 23,000 kilometers into the sky to give Europe its own satellite navigation network. >>Full story...

Troops Honored On Memorial Day

The memorials came on one of the most violent days for U.S. troops since the war in Iraq ended last month. An American soldier was killed in northern Iraq Monday and eight others were wounded in two separate attacks. >>Full story...

Sunday, May 25, 2003

The Senator Votes Nay, Robert Byrd Opposed the Iraq War, and He's Not About to Yield

By Peter Carlson, Washington Post Staff Writer, Saturday, May 24, 2003; Page C01

"What is happening?" Robert C. Byrd asks. "What is happening to us?"

His voice is soft but etched with an unmistakable anger. At age 85, the West Virginia Democrat, the Senate's most senior member, has become its most outspoken dissident.

Our nation is in peril, he says, threatened not by foreigners but by the Bush administration, which he describes as warlike, arrogant and elitist -- "an administration of the wealthy, by the wealthy, for the wealthy." >>Full story...

Powerful, powerful article on the good senator from West Virginia.

Friday, May 23, 2003

Diamond doll

A Barbie doll wearing a white gold snake necklace encrusted with diamonds and emerald eyes by Boucheron is on display at jewellery firm Mikimoto & Co's store in Tokyo's high-end Ginza district. Twenty Barbie dolls glittering with diamonds and pearls are on show before an auction in Paris in December to raise funds for the French Red Cross' fight against poverty among children.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

33.7M See Ruben Win 'American Idol'

Ruben or Clay? The suspense drew an estimated 33.7 million people to watch Ruben Studdard win Fox's "American Idol" competition on Wednesday night. >>Full story... Listen to American Idol" winner, Ruben Studdard.

Remarks by the President After Meeting with Congressional Leaders

"... I look forward to signing the economic recovery bill soon. The principle of the bill is pretty simple, that we believe the more money people have in their pockets, the more likely it is somebody is going to be able to find work in America. In other words, the more money somebody has, it means somebody is more likely to demand a good or a service, which means somebody will produce a good or a service, which means somebody is likely to find work ..." >>Full story...

PhotoDude ... keeps up with it all!

Voodoo Deja Vu - “America's Richest Assail Bush Tax Cut”: “You would think two of the wealthiest Americans would have no problem with a tax cut that would put thousands, if not millions, of dollars in their pockets. But billionaire investors Warren Buffett and George Soros, Nos. 2 and 24 on Forbes Magazine's list of the 400 richest Americans, both railed on Tuesday against President Bush's plan to deepen income tax cuts and eliminate taxes on corporate dividends.” Mr. Soros, worth over $6 Billion, “said they would not revive the U.S. economy in the short-term but were only aimed at helping the rich get richer. 'This move is designed not to have much impact now. It's designed to have an impact over an extended period and it's basically using the recession to redistribute income to the wealthy.'” ... And I think we should heed the words of Warren Buffet, who has written an excellent editorial in the Washington Post entitled “Dividend Voodoo.” ... He explains that right now, all things considered, he and his receptionist pay about the same amount of their grossly different incomes to the government ... about 30 percent. He then explains what would happen to that relative parity under the new tax cuts: “Owning 31 percent of Berkshire, I would receive $310 million in additional income, owe not another dime in federal tax, and see my tax rate plunge to 3 percent.” “Let me repeat the point: Her overall federal tax rate would be 10 times what my rate would be. When I was young, President Kennedy asked Americans to 'pay any price, bear any burden' for our country. Against that challenge, the 3 percent overall federal tax rate I would pay -- if a Berkshire dividend were to be tax-free -- seems a bit light.” ... “When you listen to tax-cut rhetoric, remember that giving one class of taxpayer a 'break' requires -- now or down the line -- that an equivalent burden be imposed on other parties. In other words, if I get a break, someone else pays. Government can't deliver a free lunch to the country as a whole. It can, however, determine who pays for lunch. And last week the Senate handed the bill to the wrong party.”


Norwegian Would? - Al Qaeda sent out the second string to make an announcement: “Attack the missions of the United States, the U.K., Australia and Norway and their interests, companies and employees.” Norway? Is that a typo or mistranslation? Did they mean P-O-L-A-N-D?


Mercy, Mother - Ma Nature is washin' down our world: “Eight inches in 18 days. More on the way. By the end of the week, metro Atlanta may well break the record for the wettest May in history, passing May 1923, when 9.89 inches fell.”


Have a Reasonably Spooky Weekend - As we approach another holiday weekend, we get yet another bumped up threat level report: “Senior U.S. officials said the chatter suggests a major attack inside the United States may be in the works. The intelligence is 'reasonably spooky stuff,' one U.S. official said.”


Beat Bush: But don't lose your sanity: PhotoDude comments, "It is apparently very easy to let your personal loathing for a person get the best of your rational judgment, and overwhelm every context that person touches. Everything they want to do is wrong, evil, and must be opposed simply because they want it. It causes policy fights and errors of judgement, not based on facts, but on pure overflowing emotion. We saw it with Clinton. And now we're seeing it with Bush. Is this the only way Americans can engage in politics now? It was embarrassing in the 90's, and it's embarrassing now."
Links found at

Whitman Quits as Top Protector of Environment

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - After a stormy tenure defending Bush administration policies to change air, water and land protections, Christine Todd Whitman said on Wednesday she would resign as head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Whitman's resignation followed the announcement on Monday that White House spokesman Ari Fleischer would leave his job this summer. Senior administration officials planning to quit believe now is the best time to do so in order to have new people in place for the 2004 presidential election. >>Full story...

UPDATE: Algeria Quake Death Toll Hits 1,092 -State Radio

ALGIERS (Reuters) - The death toll from Wednesday's earthquake around Algiers now stands at 1,092 with a further 6,782 people injured, Algerian state radio quoted Interior Minister Noureddine Yazid Zerhouni as saying Thursday. >>Full story...

Earlier: ALGIERS, Algeria, May 22 — A powerful earthquake that struck northern Algeria killed over 530 people and injured more than 4,600 more, state radio and television said Thursday. Among the areas hardest hit was the city of Rouiba to the east of the capital, Algiers. The quake had a magnitude of 6.7 on the open-ended Richter scale, U.S. experts said. >>Full story...

Home-schooler knows his way around the world

Washington - A 14-year-old who is taught at home by his mother beat 54 other students to win the title of United States National Geographic Bee champion and a prize worth $25 000 (about R200 000) on Wednesday. After blitzing through a series of stumpers, like as questions about volcanic formations in Tanzania, James Williams from Washington state correctly answered a tie-breaker about which country possessed the Indian state of Goa until 1961. Runner-up Dallas Simons said the United Kingdom, but James, who missed just three questions during the two-day National Geographic Society competition, never wavered when he answered Portugal.

James and his fellow competitors are a far cry from the vast majority of young Americans. About 11 percent of Americans aged 18 to 24 cannot find their own country on a map, and another 50 percent could not properly identify China, the United Kingdom or Japan, according to last year's National Geographic-Roper Global Literacy Survey.

The survey placed the United States second to last and in front of only Mexico in terms of geographic literacy. >>Full story...

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

US Senator Robert Byrd, Senate Floor Remarks - May 21, 2003

"Truth, crushed to earth, shall rise again, --
The eternal years of God are hers;
But Error, wounded, writhes in pain,
And dies among his worshippers."

Truth has a way of asserting itself despite all attempts to obscure it. Distortion only serves to derail it for a time. No matter to what lengths we humans may go to obfuscate facts or delude our fellows, truth has a way of squeezing out through the cracks, eventually.

But the danger is that at some point it may no longer matter. The danger is that damage is done before the truth is widely realized. The reality is that, sometimes, it is easier to ignore uncomfortable facts and go along with whatever distortion is currently in vogue. We see a lot of this today in politics. I see a lot of it -- more than I would ever have believed -- right on this Senate Floor ...

But, I contend that, through it all, the people know. The American people unfortunately are used to political shading, spin, and the usual chicanery they hear from public officials. They patiently tolerate it up to a point. But there is a line. It may seem to be drawn in invisible ink for a time, but eventually it will appear in dark colors, tinged with anger. When it comes to shedding American blood -- when it comes to wreaking havoc on civilians, on innocent men, women, and children, callous dissembling is not acceptable. Nothing is worth that kind of lie -- not oil, not revenge, not reelection, not somebody's grand pipedream of a democratic domino theory.

And mark my words, the calculated intimidation which we see so often of late by the "powers that be" will only keep the loyal opposition quiet for just so long. Because eventually, like it always does, the truth will emerge. And when it does, this house of cards, built of deceit, will fall. >>Full remarks

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Japan PM Koizumi To Meet With Bush In US Around May 20

WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi will visit the U.S. to meet with President George W. Bush around May 20, Japanese diplomatic sources said Wednesday. The governments of the U.S. and Japan are still finalizing the schedule, but Koizumi will likely visit the U.S. from May 20 through 22, the sources said. The two leaders will probably hold talks in Camp David, they added. >>Read full story ...

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Schumacher escapes to victory

Michael Schumacher overcame a pit-stop fire to win his third race in a row at the Austrian Grand Prix but Kimi Raikkonen came second to hang on to the lead in the world championship. >>Full Story... Photos from Austria Yesterday: Schumacher puts Ferrari on pole in AustriaFormula One world champion Michael Schumacher has put Ferrari on pole position for what may be the last Austrian Grand Prix ... Sunday's race has been billed as Austria's farewell to the championship, the grand prix is due to be axed to make way for new races in China and Bahrain next year. >>Full Story...

Saturday, May 17, 2003

Funny Cide wins Preakness by nearly 10 lengths

"... It was the second remarkable win in a row for the New York-bred chestnut gelding, journeyman trainer Barclay Tagg and an ownership group of high school pals who kicked in $5,000 apiece to start Sackatoga Stable. The win may have been sweetest of all for jockey Jose Santos. It came just five days after he was cleared by Churchill Downs stewards investigating a photograph and a news report that raised the question of whether he carried something other than his whip as he crossed the finish line at the Kentucky Derby ... His powerful finish was something to behold: He won by 9 3/4 lengths-- 1/4 length shy of Survivor's 10-length victory in the first Preakness in 1873. The win moved Funny Cide to the brink of racing immortality-- on June 7 he will attempt to become the 12th Triple Crown champion and first since Affirmed in 1978 ... " >>Full story...

Elite power brokers' secret talks

By Emma Jane Kirby, BBC correspondent in Paris, "The world's financial and political elite are to hold a closed meeting in France on Thursday where delegates are expected to be focusing their attention on post war Iraq. The Bilderberg meeting will be held in Versailles just before the start of the Group of Seven meeting of finance ministers in nearby Paris. Henry Kissinger is believed to be attending this year Bilderberg, which was founded in the 1950s by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, is said to steer international policy from behind closed doors. Its critics say that it is a capitalist organisation which operates entirely through self interest. By anyone's standards, it is a bit of a mystery. There are no members as such - instead, an invitation list is comprised each year by an unknown steering committee, but participants are mainly leading and powerful figures in the fields of business and politics. The meetings are cloaked in secrecy and participants rarely reveal their attendance, although this year's list is rumoured to include the American banker David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger. What the group actually does is no clearer either, although it's known to be an extremely influential lobbying group with a good deal of political clout on both sides of the Atlantic. Key members of both the British and the US governments are said to have attended gatherings. But critics accuse Bilderberg of being sinister and conspiratorial - if what the delegates are discussing is really for the good of ordinary people they ask, then why can't they publicise it? >>Full story... Find out more about the Bilderbergers.


• 'Lords of the World' Put AKP Under Microscope: "The State Minister for Finance Ali Babacan's participation in the 49th Bilderberg meetings at the 'Trianon' Hotel in Versailles, France this weekend, has caused controversy. Stating the participants of the meeting are not allowed to issue statements and to write articles about the subjects being discussed, an analysts pointed out that Minister Babacan needed to inform the public about the meetings."

• Turkish presence at Bilderberg: "The meeting, scheduled to end today [incorrect - the meeting ends on the 18th], is rumored to control international policy from behind doors. Turkey’s Islamist circles have accused the Bilderberg group of being a “Zionist organization” trying to manipulate world affairs, and other international figures have also criticized it for being “sinister” and “conspiratorial.” This year, despite Islamist opposition, Treasury Minister Ali Babcan is said to be among the attendees, together with a handful of state bureaucrats."

• World Net Daily: World government in action: "There really are conspiracies at work. There really are powerful people plotting world domination. And they really operate in near-total secrecy as the world press sits on its collective duff."

• BBC: Elite power brokers' secret talks: "Bilderberg, which was founded in the 1950s by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, is said to steer international policy from behind closed doors."

• Bilderberg: Versailles Palace Park Now Closed (short report from a Propaganda visitor on the scene in Paris): "Today, May 14 there is a guard (it is unusual) at the Trianon Palace Hotel entrance. Next to the hotel, a notice mentions that Queen's Gate ("Grille de la Reine") that gives access to Versailles Palace Park will be closed from May 15 to May 18 because of the holding of an 'international symposium'."

• Eu Observer: Lamy attends Bilderberg annual meeting in Versailles: "Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy will represent the European Commission in the hermetically sealed meeting." Full article (scroll down) at

Northen California town criminalizes compliance with federal Patriot Act

The Associated Press, ARCATA, Calif. (AP) -- More than 100 cities and one state have passed resolutions condemning the USA Patriot Act, saying it gives the federal government too much snooping power. But in this liberal fold of Northern California's Redwood Curtain, a simple denouncement just doesn't go far enough. To cooperate with the act, the City Council says, is criminal. Starting this month, a new city ordinance would impose a fine of $57 on any city department head who voluntarily complies with investigations or arrests under the aegis of the Patriot Act, the anti-terrorism bill passed after Sept. 11. Arcata's law is mostly symbolic, since federal law trumps any local ordinance. Still, the notion of civic disobedience is drawing plenty of attention. >>Full story...

More "Zetatalk"

ZETATALK CONFIRMS POLESHIFT DATE IS MAY 27TH, Posted By: WhiteRaven, Date: Saturday, 17 May 2003, Nancy Lieder was the guest on Lou Gentile's radio show for three hours tonight (Friday, May 16, 2003). Lou's main website crashed Friday night, but is expected to be back up and free archives will hopefully be posted next week. [We hope that will be BEFORE rotation stop occurs....] The firm dates Nancy (via the Zetas) gave during the show are as follows: Tuesday, May 20th ----- Sun will set 1-2 hours later; Wednesday, May 21st ----- Rotation stop; Tuesday, May 27th ----- Pole shift. is currently down, but a number of mirror sites are available: ; ; ... Lou Gentile's website (may be down temporarily) Link found at RumorMillNews

FOX NEWS MAKES BRIEF MENTION OF OP PLANET X HeraldAp: Looks like at least our military is not tired of this subject if they are using it to name military exercises! Oddly enough, this story was released on May 15, which is the first day Nancy at Zetatalk said we should begin looking for her predicted earthchanges. She and her alien masters have now stated this date is revised, with the rotation stoppage presumably beginning on Tuesday of next week.

Two suspected SARS cases in Memphis, N. Mississippi now quarantined...

Man tries to sell "annoying" girlfriend on eBay

"A Bromley man has opened an online auction to try to sell his 'annoying ... girlfriend'. The description begins: 'One annoying twat of a girlfriend' and continues: 'Warning -- goods are defective!!!' .... an eBay spokeswoman said the auction would probably be removed.
... 'Anybody selling on eBay must actually own the item.'" >>Full story...


Saudi Arabia, West Africa -- Next Stops in the Infinite War for Oil, by Michael C. Ruppert, (Michael Ruppert draws the connections between the Saudi, Iraq, Nigeria, and "peak oil", and notes other sources now vindicating his earlier warnings.) - FTW's previous reporting from last August indicated that the US was likely developing plans to destabilize Saudi Arabia, partition it, and occupy the world's largest oil fields shortly after it had successfully occupied Iraq. Full story ... Meanwhile, in Nigeria, the world's sixth largest oil producer, and throughout western and equatorial Africa, continuing rebel violence is laying the groundwork for NATO and US military intervention. Both developments are in keeping with Dick Cheney's "war which will not end in our lifetimes," a war to control the last remaining oil reserves on the planet.

UK warns of increased terror threat in six more African countries, Saturday May 17, 2003 The Guardian. A specific al-Qaida terrorist threat against British planes to Nairobi led to the suspension of flights between the UK and Kenya, the east African country's national security minister said yesterday. The Department for Transport in London took the unprecedented step of stopping all British flights between the two countries indefinitely on Thursday after the threat level to UK civil aviation was raised to "imminent". In another development the Foreign Office last night upgraded its travel advice to warn of a "clear terrorist threat" in six neighbouring east African countries. A Foreign Office statement said new advice covering Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania and Uganda would warn that each is "one of a number of countries in east Africa where there is a clear terrorist threat. It is a reflection of our continuing concern about terrorism in the region."

In Reversal, Plan for Iraq Self-Rule Has Been Put Off, BAGHDAD, Iraq, May 16 — In an abrupt reversal, the United States and Britain have indefinitely put off their plan to allow Iraqi opposition forces to form a national assembly and an interim government by the end of the month. Instead, top American and British diplomats leading reconstruction efforts here told exile leaders in a meeting tonight that allied officials would remain in charge of Iraq for an indefinite period, said Iraqis who attended the meeting. It was conducted by L. Paul Bremer, the new civilian administrator here.

Do you want to know who the Americans running Iraq really are, PressInfo # 183 - Part 1 May 14, 2003 By Jan Oberg, TFF director, They are people with a background in the far-right of the Republican Party, the Israel lobby, Perle and Wolfowitz henchmen, central to the war on terror, to the Homeland Defence authorities, to anti-ABM and pro-Ballistic Missile Defence (Star Wars), close to conservative think tanks, affiliated with mercenary companies, the military-industrial complex (MIC) and CIA. They are former "stabilisers" in Bosnia and Kosovo, and Marine Corps-people (many in Vietnam); they are private consulting firm executives affiliated with the inner circles of power in Washington. And, of course, several are associated with the oil industry, the computer industry as well as the media and public relations industry. With a few exceptions they are Pentagon and not State Department people, they are generals and technocrats.

Less than a handful have any prior experience in Iraq or in nation-building, conflict-resolution, reconciliation, post-war trauma healing, civil society empowerment and other quite relevant matters. In short, they are perfectly fit to "do" Iraq for the US and totally unsuitable for the Iraqis. They are not accountable to anyone, except President Bush and Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld. Their operations and decisions are not transparent to the world community or any world organisation.

Sea gates for Venice to shut out floods, ROME - After decades of indecision and bickering over how to protect Venice from increasingly frequent flooding, Italy has started on one of its biggest public works projects in years - a series of 79 sea gates for the city. The gates would rise from the ocean floor whenever high tides in the Adriatic threaten to swell the lagoon in which Venice sits. They would take eight years to build, government officials said, and cost about US$4 billion (S$7 billion). Officials said that was a small price to pay for the preservation of Venice. It is threatened by a combination of rising sea levels and the sinking of the city itself, which is built on a soggy foundation.

Saskatchewan farmer in battle with Monsanto star of Biodevastation conference, Canadian Press Friday, May 16, 2003, ST. LOUIS (CP) - At 72, lifelong Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser never dreamed he'd be the poster boy in what he calls a worldwide struggle for farmers' rights and autonomy. But five years and $200,000 in legal fees later, the Saskatchewan farmer said he will go down fighting St. Louis-based Monsanto Co. for the right of farmers to plant seed saved from one growing season in the next. Schmeiser barely had heard of Monsanto before 1998, he said Friday at the Biodevastation 7 conference in St. Louis, a three-day gathering of opponents of genetic engineering. He and his wife had scratched out a good life on 567 hectares in Western Canada as farmers and canola seed developers, saving seeds from high-yield harvests year to year, as growers have for centuries.

That year, Schmeiser was sued in federal court by Monsanto for raising herbicide-resistant canola from its genetically modified seed, which the company said is a violation of its patent rights. The suit would cost the couple their life savings and 25 years of seed research, Schmeiser said. Monsanto said canola plants grown from its genetically altered seed had grown along a ditch on the Schmeiser farm in violation of the company's patent. Schmeiser contends the GM seed blew off a truck or came from someone else's field but Monsanto argued that's impossible. Schmeiser said he never bought Monsanto seed. In May 2001, a judge ruled for Monsanto, saying it didn't matter how the genetically modified plant ended up on Schmeiser's property - bees, birds, wind or transport - it became Monsanto's property. Schmeiser said he had to forfeit his profits from his 1998 crop and was forbidden from using his plants or seed again because they were contaminated.

Harassment of the movement against genetic engineering and corporate agribusiness Mitchel Cohen & Brian Tokar, writing from the BioDevastation Conference against Genetic Engineering in St. Louis, home of Monsanto: At least 20-30 people have been arrested and we need your help Police invaded two known movement homes this morning, apparently in "pre-emptive raids" to prevent their attendance at Sunday's demonstration against the World Agricultural Forum Others were taken into custody while riding their bicycles to the BioDevastation gathering at Forest Park Community College, and the police have left the bicycles lying along the road Sarah Bantz organizer for MORAGE and a speaker at the BioDevastation conference was arrested for having a container of Vitamin C capsules, which police are claiming to be an illegal drug. Police have also entered the Randall Building, office of the Gateway Greens/Green Party USA, St. Louis IndyMedia, the Confluence newspaper, and other organizations, searching for "violations" and who knows what else. For the last two weeks, the St=2E Louis police have been spreading rumors of "Seattle-like violence" in order to ratchet up the levels of tension, rationalizing their procurement of riot gear and new "crowd control" Weapons.

In Iraq, Water and Oil Do Mix - Wells, Conspicuously missing from the ubiquitous Iraq war critique was the subtle agenda of water rights in the parched Middle East region. Of all the reasons for invading Iraq, securing water rights was never mentioned because it implicates too many countries with volatile connections to Iraq, like Syria, Jordan, Turkey and Israel. Protest signs read, "No Blood For Oil," as American corporations salivated in line for the opportunity to win contracts to rebuild the ravaged infrastructure. Why did no antiwar protesters carry signs saying, "No War for Water"? They should have.

Iran has other ideas for region, by Robert Fisk, If the Americans expected submission, they didn't get it in Beirut Tuesday. President Mohammed Khatami of Iran -- whose election gave him a far more convincing majority than President Bush received in America -- insisted that Tehran's support for the Lebanese Hezbollah would remain firm, that Israel must leave the last square miles of Lebanese territory and that -- here was the old, familiar Khatami refrain -- there must be a "dialogue" between civilizations. The Shiite Muslims of Lebanon, the largest if largely unacknowledged community in the country, flocked to see their hero in Beirut, chadored women and great bearded men weeping with delight at the mere sight of the thin, ascetic but humane cleric who once offered a real hope of democracy in Iran.

To subscribe to this group, send an email to:

The Laura Lee Show: Schedule for May 19 - 23, 2003

Monday, May 19 - Dr. Peter D'Adamo - Your Blood Type Reflects Your Internal Chemistry, Dr. Peter D'Adamo offers an innovative reason for these differences: Blood type determines how people should eat, exercise, handle stress, and combat disease. It is the key that unlocks the mysteries of disease, longevity, fitness, and emotional strength. It determines your susceptibility to illness, the foods you should eat, and ways to avoid the most troubling problems of human health. This is a Laura Lee Vault Presentation - originally aired 01/18/97.'Adamo.htm

Tuesday, May 20 - William Poundstone - Culling Creativity, Why Microsoft and other companies use puzzles in the interview process (why is a manhole cover round, not square? How many gas stations are there in the U.S.?) to hire the flexible, quick-on their feet candidates. His book is "How Would You Move Mt. Fuji?"

Wednesday, May 21 - Maggie Phillips - Energy Therapy for the Mind, If correcting imbalances in the body frees the flow of qi or life force energy to regain health, the same principles can apply to the mind and emotions. Maggie Phillips, author of "Finding the Energy to Heal: How EMDR, Hypnosis, TFT, Imagery, and Body-Focused Therapy Can Help Resolve Health Problems" explains how "energy therapy" can open inner healing pathways that have been frozen by stress, trauma, and unresolved developmental issues. This is a Laura Lee Audio Vault Presentation - originally aired 04/25/01.

Thursday, May 22 - Sherrill Sellman - The Dangers of Hormone Drugs, She's been saying for years that synthetic hormones, birth control pills, mammograms are dangerous to women's health and well-being. As the mainstream media concurs, Sherrill gives an update. This is a Laura Lee Vault Presentation - originally aired 9/12/02.

Friday, May 23 - Moustafa Gadalla - Ancient Egyptian Cosmology, What do we know of the ancient Egyptian view of the world? Cairo-born researcher pieces together the coherent, far-reaching philosophy that made the Egyptians, according to Herodotus, "the happiest,
healthiest, and most spiritual people".

Friday, May 16, 2003


Deflation's Nasty Curse (SafeMoneyReport)

The Federal Reserve danced around the "D" word in its policy statement last week, expressing fear of "an unwelcome substantial fall in inflation." But today's consumer price index (CPI) report made it clear: Deflation is here, and that spells trouble for the economy and the stock market. Excluding volatile food and energy costs, CPI rose only 1.5% in the past year, the smallest 12-month increase since 1966. Energy prices dropped 4.6% in April, the biggest decline since November 2001. Clothing prices fell 0.6%, and personal computer prices plunged 1.6% in April. With unemployment at an eight-year high of 6%, people fear losing their jobs and are thus reluctant to spend. So businesses see that they have to cut prices to entice more buyers. But the lower prices mean lower profits. And lower profits mean lower wages, which can ultimately force consumers to the sidelines. In other words, deflation presents a vicious cycle. The result is economic contraction and a falling stock market. Look out below!

Fears grow that US economy faces deflation, Financial Times, May 16 2003, " Fears of deflation in the US rose on Friday as stock prices fell and government bond yields dipped to 45-year lows after a key measure of inflation dropped to its lowest level in 37 years ... In the US the yield on 10-year and 30-year US Treasury bonds fell to 3.49 per cent and 4.45 per cent in early trading. Longer-dated US government bonds have rallied sharply this week, with investors convinced that inflation will remain subdued, having less of an impact on the value of long-term assets. The Labour Department reported that the 12-month rise in its core consumer price index fell to 1.5 per cent in April, its slowest 12-month rate of increase since January 1966. Strategists said the subsequent fall in bond yields could, however, be positive for the economy. "This is what the Federal Reserve wants," said Dominic Konstam, head of interest rates products research at Credit Suisse First Boston. Falling yields mean falling borrowing costs, which make it easier for businesses to borrow and homeowners to refinance mortgages and get extra cash - factors that have helped keep the economy afloat. But the sharp slowdown in inflation has inflamed talk of Japanese-style deflation ... Most economists in the US have dismissed deflationary risks as marginal. But the Fed said recently that odds of an "unwelcome substantial" slowdown in inflation were now stronger than that of a rebound. "We continue to believe that inflationary pressures are building," said Brian Wesbury, an economist with Chicago-based, bond-trading firm Griffith Kubik, Stepehens and Thomson, but "it is getting harder and harder to argue against the deflation story".

full page ad on Page A25 of the Washington Post

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I'm a "Club EWI" member which is free. However, every now and then they let you have a free week to visit every aspect of their premium site ... what a really nice treat. You don't have to give intrusive information or payment information like some of the other sites. Just passing along the info ... check it out.

While the moon was eclipsing: Senate OKs Temporary Dividend Tax Cut

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate on Thursday agreed to temporarily eliminate taxes on corporate dividends as a way to bring a $350 billion tax cut package more in line with President Bush's original proposal. In a vote of 51-50, with Vice President Dick Cheney breaking a tie, the Senate agreed to amend the tax legislation to provide for a temporary elimination of taxes on dividends. >>Full story...

Comments: First of all, let me say I agree with ALL tax cuts. The federal government is too big and has too much power and they spend our money like they have a blank check and a rich sugar daddy ... democrats and republicans service themselves, period.

Having said that, if I remember correctly, several years ago particular companies were considered sound by some during the tech crash because of their huge cash reserves. Other articles suggested that large shareholders didn't want these companies to pay dividends because they didn't want to pay the taxes ...

My conspiratorial mind asks: does the "temporary" dividend tax cut now allow the insiders to drain the cash from these companies taxfree ... is this a prelude to insider selling of stock once the cash is drained ... what does it mean for the future of these companies .... how does this stimulate the economy or help the ones actually hurt by the recession?

Eclipse gallery

Link found at

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Some Audience Members Told Not to Wear Ties for Bush Speech

By Jim Shella, News 8 Political Reporter, "President Bush came to Indianapolis to send the message that his tax cut plan will help everyone and not just the wealthy. That's why all those people sitting behind him were instructed on what to wear. When it comes to Bush’s public appearances, it seems very little is left to chance. The president has been criticized for the effort and expense that it took to create photo opportunities when he flew onto the USS Abraham Lincoln earlier this month. The same sort of image-making was a part of his Indianapolis speech. George W. Bush came to Indianapolis for the picture. And in that picture, the White House wanted ordinary people. “These are V.I.P.'s right, ordinary people aren't up on stage behind the president of the United States when he's speaking but the trick is to make V.I.P.'s look like they're ordinary people,” said Bill Bloomquist, political scientist. That's why everyone sitting behind the president wearing a necktie was instructed to take it off ,,, While there’s nothing wrong with image-making, viewers should be aware when it’s taking place. >>Full story...

The Bad Astronomy Website

I am making this special entry page to my site because of unusual circumstances. There are many people out there who are claiming that a rogue planet, called "Planet X" will be passing the Earth and causing massive destruction, killing millions of people. Let me be very clear here: this planet does not exist. The people making these claims are very, very wrong. However, one, Nancy Lieder, is believed by many people. She claims that Planet X will appear in the sky as a glowing red orb. By coincidence (or is it?), when the Moon is fully eclipsed, it can appear very red. That is why I am making this page: to make sure people understand that the eclipsed Moon is not Planet X! So to make sure: The red object you see in the sky between 3:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. (Universal/Greenwich time) in the sky is not Planet X. It is the eclipsed Moon. >>reference...

Really scary reality TV show

JOEL BLEIFUSS, IN THESE TIMES - Do you have any ideas for a really scary reality TV show?

KURT VONNEGUT - "C students from Yale." It would stand your hair on end.
Found at UnderNews

Israeli tanks pour into Gaza

BBC News, excerpts: "The Israeli army has launched a large-scale offensive in the Gaza Strip, in what is being seen as a fresh blow to US efforts to push a new peace plan for the region. About 50 tanks and helicopters entered the northern town of Beit Hanoun, leaving four Palestinians dead - including a 12-year-old boy, according to Palestinian witnesses. The Israelis say the raid was launched after dozens of mortar bombs and rockets were fired at Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip and the southern Israeli town of Sderot in recent days."

"The incursion comes on Nakba, which Palestinians describe as "Catastrophe day" - when they mark the anniversary of the displacement that accompanied the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. It also comes two days before the first meeting between Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his counterpart Mahmoud Abbas - widely known as Abu Mazen. Thursday's raid on Beit Hanoun was the largest Israeli operation in recent months."

"Witnesses say Israeli bulldozers destroyed four homes belonging to suspected militants. They say the Palestinians killed in the raid included two men and a 12-year-old boy. According to doctors, the boy was left to bleed to death, as Israeli troops prevented paramedics from reaching the scene. The Israeli army said it knew nothing about the circumstances of the boy's death ... "

"Mr Sharon has said that in its present form the roadmap does not sufficiently address Israel's security concerns. On Tuesday he said the key question of Jewish settlements was not up for imminent discussion. The Palestinian prime minister has said he will not move against militants unless the Israelis drop their reservations about the roadmap." >>Full story...

Phase 1 (to May 2003): End of terrorism, normalisation of Palestinian life and Palestinian political reform; Israeli withdrawal and end of settlement activity; Palestinian elections
Phase 2: (June-Dec 2003) Creation of an independent Palestinian state; international conference and international monitoring of compliance with roadmap
Phase 3 (2004-2005): Second international conference; permanent status agreement and end of conflict; agreement on final borders, Jerusalem, refugees and settlements; Arab states to agree to peace deals with Israel

Recent Weather, etc.

State of Emergency Declared As Anatahan Volcano Intensifies
Shopping Center Wall Collapses in Baltimore; Cause Unknown
5 Dead and Thousands Homeless in Sri Lanka Flooding
Egg-Sized Hail Devastates Crops in North China, Injures Dozens
25,000 Displaced By Severe Flooding in Namibia
STORMS: Cyclone Manou Kills 24, Displaces Thousands in Madagascar
EARTHQUAKES: World Tremor Follows 7.0 & 6.7 Quakes in Pacific/Atlantic Oceans
DROUGHT: Severe Heatwave (111F) Sparks Dozens of Fires Across Mexico
TORNADOES: May Tornado Count in U.S. Hits 412, Breaking All U.S. Records
Link found at

Insiders Know How To Play This Rally: SELL! 05/14

(SafeMoneyReport) Wall Street would love for you to think that the next bull market is right around the corner. But the people who really know what's going on -- company insiders -- know this is nothing more than a bear market rally. Here's proof: They're SELLING their own company's shares hand-over-fist -- not buying!

In fact, roughly seven out of every 10 recent insider transactions are "sell" orders, according to Market Profile Theorems. That means the "smart" money -- people with inside working knowledge -- are getting out fast!

If this were a real bull market, insiders would be buying like crazy, not getting out at record numbers ...

In April, there were 31% more companies filing for insider sales than buys, according to

Only 664 companies had insiders who bought shares in April. That's the smallest number since InsiderInsights began keeping records in the mid-90s!

Insider buying plunged 40% from March to $70 million, according to Thomson Financial. This is just the third time since 1998 that insider buying has fallen below $100 million.

Ted Turner -- the biggest shareholder in AOL Time Warner -- just dumped an astonishing 60 million shares of AOL stock worth $784 million. That's more than half his holdings in the company. And it shows that America's corporate elite are getting out, too!

The fact is insiders are getting out because they know the recent market action is nothing more than a trap. And they don't want to be one of the suckers who get hammered when the market heads down again, fast and hard. Link found at US Bear Market Commentary >>Full story...

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Lunar eclipse: May 15 / 16

The first eclipse of 2003 occurs on the evening of Thursday, May 15 (in Europe, the eclipse occurs during the early morning hours of Friday, May 16). This event is a total eclipse of the Moon which will be visible from North and South America as well as Europe, Africa and Antarctica. During such an eclipse, the Moon's disk can take on a dramatically colorful appearance from bright orange to blood red to dark brown and (rarely) very dark gray.

What is an eclipse of the moon? Introduction to Astronomy: The Motion of the Moon

What The Qur'an says about Moon: Do you realize that Qur'an was revealed between 610- 632 CE, and it contains facts discovered in the 20th century? Posted by Aladdin

Tomorrow, on the night of May 15, millions of eyes will be drawn skyward, where a mottled, coppery Moon will be immersed in the long, tapering cone of shadow cast by Earth. If the weather is clear, viewers across most of North America, all of South America, as well as Central and Western Europe and most of Africa (except the extreme eastern part), will witness a total lunar eclipse. This makes for a potential audience for the eclipse of approximately 2 billion people.

For North America, this will be the first total lunar eclipse in more than three years. The last such eclipse was seen on Earth was on Jan. 9, 2001, but mainly only in the Eastern Hemisphere. The last observable lunar eclipse visible in the Western Hemisphere happened on Jan. 20 and 21, 2000.

The May 15 event will begin when the Moon enters the faint penumbra (outer portion of Earth's shadow), about an hour before it begins moving into the umbra (Earth's black, inner shadow). The penumbral portion of the eclipse is invisible to the naked eye until the Moon becomes deeply immersed in it. Unaided observers should get their first glimpse of the penumbra on the left part of the Moon's disk at or around 9:46 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on May 15. The eclipse becomes more dramatic when the Moon begins to enter the Earth's umbra. A small sliver of darkness will begin to appear on the Moon's left edge at 10:03 p.m. EDT. The Moon will then take 3 hours and 14 minutes to pass completely through the umbra, and slightly less than one-third of that time it will be entirely immersed in shadow.

While much of the eastern and central portions of the U.S. and Canada will see the Moon entering the eclipse, those living to the west of a line running from near Tucson, Arizona to Minot, North Dakota and Port Nelson, Manitoba, will see the Moon rise already in eclipse. Because of low altitude and bright evening twilight, observers in these western locations may not see much of the Moon until it begins to emerge from the eclipse.

During the eclipse, although the Moon will be completely within Earth's shadow, it probably will not disappear from sight. It probably will appear to turn a copper, reddish hue. This coloring effect is due to Earth's atmosphere bending sunlight into the shadow. The Earth's shadow is cone-shaped and extends out into space for roughly 857,000 miles. Sunlight will be strained through a sort of double sunset all around the rim of the Earth, into its shadow and then onto the Moon.

Here are a few selected western cities in the U.S., and the moonrise and percentage of lunar diameter that will be seen inside Earth's shadow at moonrise. (All times given are local).

Phoenix, Arizona
7:12 p.m. 13%

Salt Lake City, Utah
8:28 p.m. 35%

Las Vegas, Nevada
7:31 p.m. 39%

Los Angeles, Calif.
7:39 p.m. 51%

Helena, Montana
8:45 p.m. 59%

Boise, Idaho
8:54 p.m. 72%

San Francisco, Calif.
8:05 p.m. 87%

The Moon will be setting in total eclipse across portions of east-central Africa and central Europe. Because of low altitude and bright morning twilight, observers in those locations may not see much of the Moon after it slips completely into the Earth's shadow.

The Moon will pass entirely out of the Earth's shadow at 1:17 a.m. EDT, May 16, and the last evidence of the penumbra should vanish around 1:34 a.m. EDT on May 16.

The next total lunar eclipse visible from most of the Western Hemisphere, Europe, Africa and Asia, will be on Nov. 8th and 9th, 2003.


THE WAR THAT BIN LADEN IS WINNING: The US withdrawal from Saudi Arabia will not save the regime. Link found at Information Clearing House >>Full story...


RISK OF STOCK MARKET CRASH IN EUROPE AND US GROWS: The estimated probability of a crash involving a 25 percent slide in a major stock market index has risen ... Link found at Information Clearing House >>Full story...

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Bilderberg meeting in Versailles, France May 15-18

Bilderberg will hold its annual secret meeting at the luxurious Trianon Palace Hotel in Versailles, France May 15-18. The meeting dovetails with the Group of Seven meeting of finance ministers in Paris the day after Bilderberg concludes, on May 19 in Paris. Paris is only a 20-minute drive from Versailles.

Has it seemed that all the actors have been in limbo since the "end of the war" ... watch for the pickup after this meeting!

"Zetachat" with Nancy

Planet X; Latest doomsday craze?

(NancyL) gZa, yes, May 15 shortly thereafter should be rotation stoppage, not sure of just what date. It will happen BEFORE June 1, the shift, my understanding.
(NancyL) ZT: We speak of the importance of informing the masses, so they can make their peace with death or save their young, going to safety and preparing for life afterwards.
(NancyL) ZT: They prefer to hear about how a small elite and dupe the masses, rip them off of their tax dollars, and emerge afterwards as kings to rule those who managed to survive!
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, they in effect TUNE US OUT, as our message is tiresome to those in the Bush Administration driving the bus.
(NancyL) ZT: The prefer to linger over the other message, which then is the only one heard.
(NancyL) ZT: So, does this OTHER message have a different time frame than ours? Absolutely!
(NancyL) ZT: They are being told a DATE OUT from ours, extended in time, more time for preparation for THEMSELVES.
(NancyL) ZT: This is to some extent why some false messengers, who tried and are still trying to steal the stage from ZetaTalk, are pointing to some months out!
(NancyL) ZT: They have no basis for this claim, but make it anyway.
(NancyL) ZT: Human astrophysics also asserts that a body CANNOT careen into the solar system from the distance Px moved in as short a time.
(NancyL) ZT: Those in NASA know it DID approach that rapidly, but they are reluctant to admit ourselves being right, and their other sources being wrong.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, one by one, their prized theories are discredited, but they reluctantly let go, and thus are slow to embrace the OBVIOOUS next stpe!
(NancyL) ZT: If it DID move into the solar system that rapidly, might we not be RIGHT? But no, they are still asserting that a later date is correct, clinging to the preferreed messengers, discarding our message.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, the Bush Administration is strutting about re Iraq, and planning their next moves, and even talking about the 2004 election season!
(NancyL) ZT: They look at the Earth changes, and see nothing that indicates an immediate pole shift!
(NancyL) ZT: The fact that history, and folk lore, speak to a SUDDEN shift, only a bad week with scarsely anything ahead of time in distinct or massive warning bells, is lost on them in their arrogance that THEY and THEIR sources must be correct.
(NancyL) ZT: In effect, this is perfect Karma, this crowd being caught unaware as they expect to put mankind in general in this position.
NancyL) ZT: We have stated that a quake will affect Southern Cal into the Sierras BEFORE the shift, and this has some wondering about the time frame.
(NancyL) ZT: Where as we have stated we are not allowed to predict, with speficificy, the location and timing of quakes, we can give some general guildelines.
(NancyL) ZT: We have stated that during the week of rotation stoppage the Earth moans, the core attempting to turn and the crust locked by the grip of the approaching Px from the south.
(NancyL) ZT: Do you not think this stress would have an effect on crust adjustments?
(NancyL) ZT: Today, less than a month from the shift, the increased quake frequency and strenght has reached the point of being noticeable to the general public.
(NancyL) ZT: Yet the crust turns with the core, which is only slowed by seconds per day in its rotation.
(NancyL) ZT: Immagine what a STOPPED rotation would do to stress in the crust.
(NancyL) ZT: Today, the stretch along the Atlantic has trains derailing and sinkholes appearing in the continents along the Atlantic Rift.
(NancyL) ZT: Today, the compression of the Pacific has MORE volcanoes active than in the memory of man, and slow and silent slippage of plates along the US West Coast not in the memory or man.
(NancyL) ZT: Global quakes are becoming so frequent as to become the norn, now, where only months ago this was not the case.
(NancyL) ZT: So what will happen when rotation stoppage occurs?
(NancyL) ZT: ALL these stress points will become greatly exacerbated.
(NancyL) ZT: The stretch will INCREASE so bridges will drop, one of their moorings losing.,
(NancyL) ZT: Crevaces will appear in roadways.
(NancyL) ZT: In the Pacific Rim, volcanoes that were only threatening will actively ooze, or blow.
(NancyL) ZT: Places where there are fault lines KNOWN to be somewhat active will become a nightmare for those living there, endlessly shaking and causing pets and domestic animals as well as wildlife to run frantic from the signals they get from the strained earth.
(NancyL) ZT: If the West Coast of North America is TODAY experiencing a slow and silent quake, this means that a progressive slippage is already occurring.
(NancyL) ZT: Place this into the context of an INCREASED slippage, where the northern portion of the North American continent MOVES to the north, while the southern portion is locked!
(NancyL) ZT: Do you think the Peninsula that is the Baja is positioned such by accident? This is a sign of a RIFT.
(NancyL) ZT: And a rift means plates locked on either side, unble to move as ONE.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, during the week of rotatation stoppage you will see many quakes, PRECEDING the quakes of the shift, with ripping of rifts and the consequent effects in land released from stress
(NancyL) ZT: Travel restrictions can be expected where the elite find their enclaves encroached upon.
(NancyL) ZT: Travel among groups and areas NOT desireable will be allowed, as the elite care not where the dogs wander, just that the dogs should not dirty their yards.
(NancyL) ZT: Thus, those wishing to avoid travel restrictions should consider WHERE the elite are located, are heading, and avoid those areas.
(NancyL) ZT: Stick to the byways were the common folk live, where travel THROUGH elite areas is not required or in the path to be taken.
(NancyL) ZT: Quarantines of this or that city, or apartment complex, or hospital, will be limited and NOT spread to restrictions in a country at large, as this is burdensome.
SIGN of the TIMES #1: Whitley STRIEBER Disinfo
(NancyL) April 27th Journal "Nancy Leider, the voice of Zeta-Talk, has been saying for some time that this mythical monster was going to make a close pass on May 15, and wreak holy hell on earth."
(NancyL) "Now she's apparently changing the date of its arrival and saying that it won't be as big a deal as she had originally been led to believe. She says the aliens she claims to channel have misled her for unknown reasons."
(NancyL) SIGN of the TIMES #2: At Last, a QUAKE Reported!
(NancyL) "There was a 4.9 earthquake in Alabama April 28 affecting several states." When quakes affect population centers in the US, they get reported. At first, this quake was reputed to be 4.3, then 4.5, and finally 4.9. Why the LOW Richter, at first?
(NancyL) SIGN of the TIMES #3: QUAKE 5+ Only Every 3 Days? NOT
(NancyL) Per the USGS home page, 5+ Richter happens only on average every 3 days. NOT! On Apr 29, per live Siezmos, above 5 Richter: 5.8 GREECE, 6.2 JAPAN, 6.3 KURIL ISLANDS RUSSIA, 6.2 NORTH PACIFIC OCEAN, 5.6 SOUTH CHINA SEA, 5.7, INDONESIA, 6.5 MARSHALL ISLANDS, 5.5 SOUTH INDIAN OCEAN, 5.3 ADRIATIC SEA
(NancyL) SIGN of the TIMES #4: SLOWING and Clock Watching
(NancyL) "April 23 8 am - USNO and CAN are even with my computer clock. April 24 8 am - USNO and CAN are 4 seconds behind computer clock. April 25 8 am - USNO and CAN are 9 seconds behind computer clock. April 26 8 AM - USNO and CAN are 11 seconds behind computer clock. April 27 8 AM - USNO and CAN are 12 seconds behind computer clock" Jwilliam Dell
(NancyL) SIGN of the TIMES #5: SINKHOLES in Mexico
(NancyL) "In southern Mexico there have been several sink holes. At one point, rescuers had to stop searching for victims in one hole because of a bigger hole colapsed near the first one."
(NancyL) SIGN of the TIMES #6: PLANET X as Second Sun at Dawn!
(NancyL) Reports from Denver and San Francisco indicate seeing the Red Persona at dawn, just to the left of the Sun as it rises. White light as well as red flashes are reported. Also a photo from Greece of this Second Sun.
(NancyL) SIGN of the TIMES #7: IRAQ as in US, No Popular Vote Allowed!
(NancyL) "As Iraqi Shiite demands for a dominant role in Iraq's future mount, Bush administration officials say they underestimated the Shiites' organizational strength and are unprepared to prevent the rise of an anti-American, Islamic fundamentalist government in the country. ..."
(NancyL) "The Shiites of Iraq make up about 60 percent of the population... Some U.S. intelligence analysts and Iraq experts said they warned the Bush administration before the war about vanquishing Hussein's government without having anything to replace it. But officials said the concerns were either not heard or fell too low on the priority list of postwar planning." >>Full story...

"Although I'm pretty much convinced by this point that Zetatalk's Planet X scenario is just an intriguing hoax or possibly a purposeful distraction, I continue to keep one eye on it, on the off-chance that I'm wrong." >> Full story ...


U.S. Adding Color to $20 Bill

>>Full story...

Ted Turner: Gone with the Wind

... This is the grandiose and profane Ted Turner we have come to expect in the nearly 30 years since he first burst onto the public stage, a brash young man with a big mouth and crazy ideas. He still has both of those, but he's now troubled by a new sensation: a feeling that he's lost control.

He gets that feeling when he's thinking, which he often is, about his fortune. Or what's left of it. As AOL Time Warner stock tumbled 81% from its high in 2000 to $13, Turner's holdings declined from $10.7 billion to $1.4 billion, in shares he owns directly or controls. That's a drop of over $9 billion. But Turner sold--and mainly gave away--large amounts of stock in the interim, bringing his actual losses down to about $8.5 billion ...

He has only one other significant investment: land, of which he owns more than anyone else in America. With his 1.9 million acres, his 45 million remaining shares in AOL, and his new hoard of cash, Turner's net worth exceeds $2 billion. But this figure belies his poverty, he says. Remember when he pledged $1 billion to the United Nations? That was in 1997--when the world was, as he marveled at the time, "awash in money" and when his Time Warner holdings had appreciated by that amount in just nine months. He still owes more than $600 million to his UN Foundation. So he is, by his count, down to his last billion ... >>Full story...

PhotoDude is so cool: Texas Lawmakers Disappear

PhotoDude notes: "“Democrats on the Run from Texas Rangers - An “Amber Alert” has been issued for on-the-run Texas lawmakers: The Texas Department of Public Safety is asking the public for assistance in locating 53 Texas legislators who have disappeared.”

I don't know about Texas, but if such an alert were issued in Georgia, I think the predominant feeling would be that anything that forces legislators to flee the state can't be all bad." Link found at >>Full story...

Latest headlines at UnderNews


The mongoose and the snake

....... If the authorities continue to follow the lead of the Federal Reserve Board (which is maniacally oriented towards the supply and cost of money) and if they fail to focus on the problem of saturated markets, then we are inexorably headed for a Depression of unimaginable proportions.

The way to address the problem of saturated markets is to "force" new technologies to become commercially viable, and the way to do this is to ratify the Kyoto protocols.

The Fed is a slave to its self-interested masters - the Establishment Banks. The politicians need to take cognisance of the fact that the needs of Society now transcend the needs of the vested interests of the Establishment. A line needs to be drawn in the sand - NOW!!

In short, we are perilously close to an implosion of the House of Cards, and this is evident from the Gold Price performance since it entered a Primary Bull Market. The mongoose is prevailing over the snake.

What the World needs now is leadership with integrity.

............. It follows that Silver will rise strongly in price - whether we have a boom, recession or Depression. Link found at U S Bear Market Commentary >>Full story...

Fools Fly Into Marts

By CHRISTOPHER BYRON, NY Post, IT'S great to blame crooked CEOs and venal analysts for the bear market that's now in its third year. But let's get real for a moment.

Since the days of the buttonwood tree, the biggest single problem dogging the stock market has been stupid, greedy investors. And scarcely have prices now begun to improve in what may well turn out to be a beguiling but brief bear-market rally, than the simpletons of Wall Street have begun returning to the market in droves.

Want proof? Then look no further than the astonishing recent surge in the stock of UAL Corp., the parent company of United Airlines. This company is bankrupt, folks - it's kaput, finito. Its stock ain't worth nuttin'.

Yet, in spite of that, these worthless shares have nearly tripled in price during the last month, topping out last week at $2 per share. In fact, by this time next year, they're all but guaranteed to have ceased trading entirely.

This will leave thousands of knucklehead investors with hundreds of millions in losses. What's more, many of these chumps will doubtless turn up at the doorstep of the Securities and Exchange Commission to wail, "We wuz robbed!"

What's going on here? Say hello to the return of The Greater Fool, the most durable character in all of capitalism - the fellow who never shops for a bargain (which is, of course, what shopping is supposed to be all about), and only buys stocks when they're already over-priced (but are, he hopes, headed even higher).

WE'LL get more deeply into the Fool's involvement with the busted shares of UAL in a minute, but first a bit of perspective on what his return to Wall Street tells us about the condition of the market: It is once again getting speculative, meaning people are once again ready to buy anything.

Run your eye across the art on this page. Listed are the five most sharply rising stocks in America during the last 30 days. One of these companies makes plant extracts, two are in the cancer detection business, a fourth is in the software game and the fifth finances office equipment.

Two of the five have declining revenues, and insiders are bailing out of a third. All five are spewing red ink, racking up a total of $72 million in losses during their latest 12-month reporting periods. Nonetheless, the Fools of Wall Street have been piling into these stocks anyway, adding more than $120 million in paper value to U.S. equity markets in the last month through these five small and obscure companies alone.

The business of the Greater Fool is also known as momentum investing, and you can [make] a lot of money at it - at least during bull markets, and at least on paper. All you have to do is follow The Fool's basic premise: Never mind if the company issuing the stock is worth anything at all (or that it even exists), just "buy high and sell higher." The unstated assumption in that strategy is, of course, that there will always be a supply of Even Greater Fools to sell to, in an endless merry-go-round of spiraling prices.

In the end, this is how the bull market of the 1990s ballooned into the biggest speculative bubble of the 20th century: It wasn't crooked CEOs and lying analysts who caused this to happen, though they certainly helped; rather, it was mindless, momentum-fueled investing by Wall Street's Greater Fools. Link found at U S Bear Market Commentary >>Full story...

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Suicide Bombers Wound Over 40 US In Riyadh
Bush, Bin Laden, Bechtel And Baghdad
Why We May Not Hear ET Communications
Bush Should Be Impeached And Tried For War Crimes
Ministers Plan For Fluoride In All UK Water
China Set To Field World's Most Powerful Tank


NBCNEWS star Katie Couric has taken Hollywood and late night TV by storm, overnight NIELSEN ratings show, after the TODAY show host tried her hand at TONIGHT duties -- with stunning success!

Last night's 7.4 rating/18 share for Couric from Burbank is near record-levels for late night, with an audience size gauged at nearly double over last Monday night's standard Jay Leno run on NBC.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the flip, Jay Leno's hosting of Couric's TODAY on Monday morning maintained audience levels from last week, with a 5.9 rating/18 share. >>Full story...

I watched this last night. She was actually very good ... and I don't even like her. Good writers, too -- that ALWAYS helps!

More Moore on Disney's boards

By Shawn Langlois, SAN FRANCISCO (CBS.MW) - EXCERPTS: The same boisterous lot that made Michael Moore one of the most "searched for" names on the Internet after the Academy Awards was back at it Monday when the Drudge Report said Disney would fund Moore's new anti-George Bush documentary. While virtual chants of "Eisner hates America" and "Boycott all Disney products" reached comical proportions, some people actually tried to maintain some sanity.

AnnAkronism: "Why would a company who supposedly wants to attract families sponsor a divisive idiot like Michael Moore?" she wrote. "A civil war is coming to America, closer with every day and every Marxist assertion by Eisner-Moore. It's especially interesting when the very rich want socialism for the rest of us."

MMisAJerk, who cast aside that pesky constitution and waxed McCarthy: "I can't believe that the police have not arrested Michael Moore yet for subverting the Bush Administration and speaking out against it?"

AisleSeats: "The word is spreading fast. Emails, faxes, chat rooms, message boards, letters, talk shows, radio. It's starting to roll. The media has been informed. For Disney to fund Michael Moore's next film is the single most anti-American act ever done by a US corporation. It demands action and it will sink Disney!"

FeralPegX: "Disney and Michael Moore have the right to their opinions. That's called 'freedom of speech.' I don't have to agree with what Michael Moore says and I don't have to watch his films, but he has the right to make them. If you guys all want to boycott Disney, that's fine with me."

G1522: "As for you cry babies canceling your vacations and selling your stock because of this, good riddance -- if you're that stupid Disney doesn't need you. Hopefully the powers that be have assessed the pros and cons and determined that this move will be a positive for the company overall." >>Full story...

Have you noticed how much the mainstream media and the government pays attention to the chatter on the internet?

Monday, May 12, 2003

Lawsuit seeks to ban sale of Oreos to children in California

Oreo cookies should be banned from sale to children in California, according to a lawsuit filed by a San Francisco attorney who claims that trans fat -- the stuff that makes the chocolate cookies crisp and their filling creamy -- is so dangerous children shouldn't eat it ... Partially hydrogenated oil is in about 40 percent of the food on grocery store shelves, including most cookies, crackers and microwave popcorn, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture ... But doctors and government researchers believe it ... might be one of the worst ingredients in the American diet ... trans fat is directly associated with heart disease and increases in LDL cholesterol, the kind that can clog arteries ... there is no safe amount of trans fat in the diet ... products marked "low in cholesterol" or "low in saturated fat" might have high levels of trans fat ... Anything that brings people's attention to how dangerous and unhealthy trans fat can be is probably a good idea ... For more >>Full story...

Saturday, May 10, 2003

Bush's visit to the USS Abraham Lincoln

A White House spokesman denied that President George W. Bush's visit to the USS Abraham Lincoln was a costly political stunt that delayed the aircraft carrier's arrival home. Bush is seen speaking to crew aboard the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1.

Howard Rosenberg comments: Light the flame, the moths will come. As they have since the invention of media stunts, even those less bold and imaginative than this one ... The president's message: Major combat in Iraq had ended. Which is what the White House had advised the media a day earlier that he would say. And also what Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld had declared in Afghanistan hours earlier. Which meant there was no real need to repeat it -- except for dramatic effect in front of cameras -- and that doing so would not constitute news. Except that Bush would be the rare president to make a speech on a moving aircraft carrier, and to boot, a carrier returning to an emotional welcome in San Diego after active duty in the war on Iraq. To say nothing of a president arriving in the co-pilot seat of a Navy jet and debarking for cameras in a green flight suit. A former pilot in the reserves, he reportedly had even taken the stick himself. Get out! It was brilliant. So brilliant that a day later CNN's Carol Costello had upped Bush to "commander in chief of the free world," which must have been news to rest of the free world.

Gavin Kirk says: I saw a guy having some fun after what must have been 3 hellish months of tension as he navigated our country through war. My initial reaction was not all that different from yours, but as I saw him eagerly walk the flight deck shaking hands and having his photo taken I saw a smile on him that I had not seen for a while. That made me feel good.

Ben's opinion: It also should be remembered that Bush ate on the Mess decks and not in the wardroom. Meaning he ate with the enlisted folks, and got to chat and shake hands and pose for pics with them, thank them personally. The problem with the punditry is they thought the President was speaking to them, or "to the American People" He wasn't. He was saying thanks to the officers and crews, the soldiers, sailors, airman and Marines. (He was also sending a message to the mad mullahs in Iran, and Assad Jr. in Syria too )