Saturday, April 26, 2003

SARS, Items of Interest

The following is an excerpt from a posting on a private genealogy newsgroup found at Yahoo! Groups: [Physician in Wisconsin] "told me that they have received Center for Disease Control notices by email and the latest is that there will be one billion cases of SARS in the next 60 weeks and the assumption is that 4% will die. That is 4 Million people. They are expecting it to reach these epidemic proportions sooner rather than later. There is an antibiotic for last resort patients which costs about $15K for a 3 day treatment. Sounds okay except there isn't enough of it to offer it to 1% much less the 4%. He truly feels that it will sweep through all the nursing homes and basically empty them as the elderly are affected much severely. There are few cases of children." (Note that the number of deaths using the above numbers is actually 40 million)

"One of the primary concerns of course is as to how this virus SARS is spreading globally, when it is well known that if you are desirous of testing a new pathogen, all you do is put it in the mail." "Total Inactivation Of SARS Virus Achieved In 14 Seconds," By Basil Wainwright,

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