Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Planet X / Niburu: Chatter on the Internet

Nibiru Fear Mongers are Creating Needless Panic. Excerpt: If we take a practical look at the present search for Nibiru, what we have are four basic approaches: 1. Ancient Texts: The published works of noted scholar, Zecharia Sitchin show conclusive proof of Nibiru’s existence in ancient Sumerian texts. 2. Prophecy: According to many who study prophecy, the return of Nibiru is predicated by noted visionaries such as Nostradamus, Mother Shipton and many others. 3. Precursor Events in Our Own Solar System: This is the method that YOWUSA.COM has chosen as a foundation for its reporting as it is based on actual observations by credible sources. 4. Orbital Calculations Based on Ancient Texts: Dutch Physicist Jacco van der Worp has examined the orbital calculations found on the web, and has labeled them the “the physics of fear.”

NASA ACKNOWLEDGES PLANET X? Is it time for a serious discussion of the evidence of Planet X?, Forum posting #1, "OK, I have been prompted by some interesting NASA pages (some below and some I will post later) to start a more serious discussion of some of the evidence for the existence of Planet X, whether or not the belief is that it will return in 2003 - personally I don´t think 2003 is the year but try to keep and open mind to new evidence. I have a page about Earth Changes that developed out of the Seismic Activity (The Shift) thread - this has some links for Planet X information. This is at http://www.sc0rp10n.plus.com. My quick introduction to Planet X theory - scientific and historical is at http://www.sc0rp10n.plus.com/px-intro.html. A number of pieces of compelling evidence have made me think there is truth in the Planet X theory and I will post a page on that site shortly with links to that evidence. Please contribute links to different evidence for Planet X and try and keep an open mind as we investigate this fascinating subject.


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