Tuesday, April 29, 2003


UPDATE: Fox News cancels Kaminski interview

APRIL 30: 12:15 AM, EASTERN. APRIL 29: 9:15 PM, PACIFIC; 10:15 PM, MOUNTAIN; 11:15 PM, CENTRAL

FROM JOHN KAMINSKI: Could they put me on any later? Tuesday night, or actually, early Wednesday morning, April 30, 12:15 AM EDT, is when I am scheduled to make my first appearance by telephone on the Alan Colmes show on Fox TV, which supposedly is seen in 25 cities. The reason they want to talk to me, they say, is because of the article "9/11 was a hoax" that appeared on al-Jazeerah, London Daily, rense.com, onlinejournal.com and hundreds of other websites.

It will be my intention to get across the point that millions of people question the official version of the events of 9/11 that is parroted unquestioningly by the glib droids of the corporate megamedia, and that the big media are complicit in the coverup of the crimes of mass murder and treason. It will also be my point that the attacks could not have happened without the prearranged failure of America's air defenses. I expect to be attacked and ridiculed, knowing what I do about Fox, but I'm not about to take that quietly, so expect some fireworks, as I surely have a lot more to say about the U.S. TV networks than they do about me. Personally I believe the only way to stop this out-of-control American war machine is to link [President] Bush to 9/11 and watch him and his coterie of billionaire criminals feel the real wrath of the betrayed American people. I sincerely think the entire future of the human race depends on making this connection, so wish me luck, and I hope it's on in your city. >>Read Kaminski's article...

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