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A REPORT ON THE CORRUPTION IN THE DEFENSE POLICY BOARD WAS COVERED ON BILL MOYERS PBS SHOW "NOW", AND IN ALL THE PRESS. Posted By: Rosalinda Date: Monday, 31 March 2003, 11:54 p.m. at RumorMills News Forum; http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=30630

Chuck Lewis of the Center for Public Integrity reviewed the report released yesterday called "Advisors of Influence: Nine Members of the Defense Policy Board Have Ties to Defense Contractors."

The nine, including Richard Perle, who resigned as Chairman but is clinging to his position on the Board, are board members or executives, or lobbyists for, companies which received $76 billion in defense contracts for 2001-02.

Lewis pointed out on the Moyer show that the members of this unpaid, but highly influential Chickenhawk nest in the Defense Dept., must file disclosure forms with the Pentagon's Standards of Conduct Office, but they are secret, and apparently ignored. Beside the Perle scandals, which are growing by the day and will not go away with his ducking out as Chairman, the CPI reports:

*Ret. Adm David Jeremiah, former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is on the board of five corporations, including DigitalNet with Perle, with $10 billion in contracts;

*Ret. Gen. Jack Sheehan, former NATO Supreme Commander, is now senior VP at Bechtel, George Schultz's outfit, which is the favored company to get the contract to rebuild Iraq;

*James Woolsey, former CIA director and leading utopian, VP of Booz Allen Hamilton, with over $1 billion in defense contracts over 2001-02;

*Chris Williams, former advisor to Rumsfeld and Trent Lott, now a lobbyist for Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and TRW, nearly $50 billion in contracts;

*Ret. Adm. William Owens, described as the architect of the "Revolution in Military Afairs" fantasies at Defense, and sits on the board of numerous tech companies that profit from that shift in U.S. military policy;

*Ret. Gen. Ronald Fogleman, former Air Force Chief of Staff, now on the board of eight companies with nearly $3 billion in defense contracts over the last two years;

Philip Merril (John Hopkins), Harold Brown (RAND and Philip Morris), and James Schlesinger (Mitre).

[Source: The Center for Public Integrity, 3/29; Newsweek, Michael Hirsh, 3/29]

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