Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Ari, Why Won't You Answer the Question?

A BUZZFLASH NEWS ANALYSIS, BuzzFlash Prediction: This Reporter Will be Joining Helen Thomas in the Back of the Room.

4/23/03 Press Briefing w/Fleischer (excerpt below appears middle to two-thirds way down website page - the reporter is referring to a former question on Powell's use of the word "consequences" France will have to face)

Q Why won't you answer the question about whether or not -- he said there are going to be consequences --

MR. FLEISCHER: David, there are other qualified reporters in here, too, who can follow-up.

Q I didn't say they were not qualified, Ari. I'm saying you're running it like it's homeroom, like we can't follow-up when you're refusing to answer a question that's been posed twice to you, directly. The Secretary of State said that there would be consequences. Why won't you say what they might be?


Q Do you want to elaborate on what those consequences would be?

MR. FLEISCHER: I addressed it earlier. You heard what I said about consequences.

Q You didn't address it, which is the point. But you can't tolerate that kind of dissent.

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