Tuesday, April 29, 2003

AlterNet Headlines

A WAR ON ENLIGHTENMENT, Adam Hochschild, tomdispatch.com, After more than a century of expansion of the concept that everybody deserves human rights, we now seem to be -- temporarily, at least -- slipping backwards.

THE SOMEBODY MYSTIQUE AND THE RISE OF THE UPPITY NOBODY, Michelle Chihara, Robert Fuller's new book 'Somebodies and Nobodies' hopes to do for society's lower ranks what Betty Friedan did for women.

THE PINKING OF PEACE POLITICS, Ashley Nelson, Conservatives' disparaging of women's anti-war groups as simplistic and touchy-feely reflects a widespread panic in America: the fear of being too girly.

SAY IT SLOWLY: IT WAS ABOUT OIL, Ted Rall, With corporate vultures swooping into the killing fields, OPEC facing a death blow and Shi'ites partying like its 1979, Iraq is a mess only terrorists and greedheads could love.

DEPARTMENT OF HOMEGIRL SECURITY Erin Aubry Kaplan, LA Weekly, The war forced me into an absolutism I never had and don't quite like. In this newly divided world, you're either with me or against me.

COOL COMMODITIES, Anmol Chaddha, ColorLines, There's no question that dissent has become cool, and nothing sells quite like "nonconformity."

PERSONAL VOICES: LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT, Jarmila Temelova, A survivor of Soviet oppression sees frightening danger signs in her beloved adopted homeland, the United States.

THE PARENTS' BILL OF RIGHTS, Jonathan Rowe and Gary Ruskin, Mothering Magazine Isn't it time we were given the tools to protect our kids from brainwashing?

DEMOCRACY AND ITS ROOTS OF GRASS, Richard Flacks, Francesca Polletta's "Freedom Is an Endless Meeting" is a deep portrayal of the ways in which activists in the '60s tried to achieve participatory democracy, while "Making a Place for Community" argues for its use in the making of public policy.

THE IRAQI HYDRA GROWS NEW HEADS EVERY DAY, William O. Beeman, Pacific News Service, With the removal of the Baathist regime, a whole host of would-be leaders has bubbled to the surface in Iraq.

CAN THE RICH BE GOOD?, Nina Shapiro, Seattle Weekly, To help smooth America's growing class divisions, the father of one of the world's richest men is urging the current generation of millionaire Medicis toward social responsibility.

WORKPLACE FLEXIBILITY, Molly Ivins, The Bush administration is leading the charge with proposed new rules that will erode the 40-hour workweek.

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