Saturday, March 22, 2003

Yugoslavia armed Saddam

Why didn't we hear anything about this in Powell's report or Bush's justification for war? Sunday Herald (Scotland) - November 14, 2002, From Russ Baker in Belgrade. YUGOSLAVIA has been supplying arms including cruise missiles, drone aircraft and chemical and biological weapons to Saddam Hussein. A dossier by the International Crisis Group will be given to the leaders of Western governments tomorrow revealing that allied forces will be attacked with Yugoslavian weaponry if war against Iraq is ordered. The dossier shows that Yugoslav government officials, including President Vojislav Kostunica, and military top brass condoned ongoing arms-for-cash deals with Iraq, in violation of international sanctions and agreements for at least two years. The report, entitled Arming Saddam: The Yugoslav Connection, is based on analysis of government documents, technical journals and interviews with high-ranking Yugoslav government and military officials and arms industry insiders.The final draft claims there is no way that Federal Republic of Yugoslavia leaders could not have been aware of the the illicit arms trade with Iraq. It shows that political and military leaders, and state-run and private companies, have all benefited from deals worth billions of dollars. The dossier will prompt a review of Western financial aid to Yugoslavia. Are there connections to the recent assassination of prime minister Zoran Djindjic? Are the troops, with the knowledge of our government, headed for ambush? Now that sympathy for 9-11 has worn out, is this another "sacrifice" to be used as a sympathy card? Damn them to hell for making me suspicious of their every move!

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