Thursday, March 27, 2003

War is likely to last months

Despite the rapid advance of Army and Marine forces across Iraq over the past week, some senior U.S. military officers are now convinced that the war is likely to last months and will require considerably more combat power than is now on hand there and in Kuwait,...

The convoy of three trucks of the 507th Maintenance Company was ambushed when Fedayeen guerillas changed roadsigns and directional arrows near Nasiriyah, causing them to take a wrong turn into an Iraqi controlled portion of the city.

Nineteen year old, supply clerk Jessica Lynch, was among 12 soldiers in a US supply convoy ambushed by Iraqi troops. She is feared dead after five survivors from the ambush were shown on Iraqi TV cameras. A pretty blonde girl with freckles, from Palestine, West Virginia, joined the army because she wanted to become an elementary school teacher. Her family couldn't afford a university education, and she knew the army would pay her college tuition after a period of service.

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