Sunday, March 23, 2003 URGENT ALERT 03/21/2003

U.S. & Mexican Authorities Urgently Searching for 6 Iraqi's with ' Toxic Chemical'

According to a report from Fox News and other sources, both Mexican and U.S. Authorities have been searching for 6 IRAQI's near the Mexico/ U.S. Border for the last 2 or 3 days. These IRAQI's apparently have some form of "toxic chemical" which requires refrigeration. This most likely means they either have a Biological Weapon, such as Smallpox or some other disease, or it could mean they have Radioactive Material, most likely for use in a 'dirty bomb' rather than a more dangerous traditional nuclear weapon. Please be alert and watch for suspicious activity of any kind, do not be scared to report anything suspicious to the authorities. Why the authorities waited three days to inform the public, or to enlist the public's help in this matter, defies explanation in our opinion. In any event, be prepared, remain calm do not panic.

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