Saturday, March 22, 2003

Russia Protests U.S. Spy Plane Flight March 22, 2003, MOSCOW (AP) - Russia delivered a statement of protest to the U.S. Embassy on Saturday, accusing Washington of tactics associated with the Cold War ..." | N Korea - 'Nuclear War Any Moment' 3-22-03, North Korea's official news agency claimed Friday that the situation is so tense on the Korean peninsular "that a nuclear war may break out there any moment." The official communist news agency said the recent U.S.-South Korean exercises have been timed to coincide with the U.S. invasion of Iraq, as part of America's "win-win strategy, a key link in the whole chain of its strategy to dominate the world by holding an upper hand in strength, is being put into practice on the Korean Peninsula ..." | Iran Oil Depot Hit By Rocket - Iran Warns US, UK 3-21-03, TEHRAN (Reuters) - An oil refinery depot in southwestern Iran close to the Iraqi border was hit by a rocket on Friday, officials said, and the Islamic Republic warned Washington and London to respect its airspace ..." | Mugabe accuses West of funding violenceZimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe accused the United States, Britain and other Western powers on Friday of sponsoring violent opposition protests that rocked the troubled southern African country this week ... saying he had been labelled "Hitler" simply for fighting for Zimbabwe's national sovereignty and the rights of its native people to their natural resources. | US may impose sanctions on Russia because of Iraq " The United States reserves the right to introduce sanctions against countries and financial organizations that refuse to freeze Iraq’s assets." | Mexico announces plan to sell dollars | Anti-War Demonstrations, Rallies Sweep Around Globe | Quarter Million March Against Bush War In Spain, 3-22-03, MADRID (AFP) - As many as a quarter of a million people marched through Madrid Saturday to protest the war on Iraq, organisers said, calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, who has strongly supported the US-led campaign against Baghdad. | Gary Hart: Code Red is coming, The war with Iraq has increased the risk of a terrorist attack on America, said former Sen. Gary Hart, who now is co-chairman of the Commission on National Security for the 21st Century. “Don’t be surprised if in the coming hours or days we go to Code Red,” Hart said this morning in Washington. “It is almost inevitable.” | Yugoslavia armed Saddam A dossier by the International Crisis Group will be given to the leaders of Western governments tomorrow revealing that allied forces will be attacked with Yugoslavian weaponry if war against Iraq is ordered. | Bush Meets War Council, Says War May Be Difficult

Is this madness ... or planned chaos. It is no secret that the tactics to effect regime change in countries to bring them under control of the NWO is chaos which is implemented with the help of protests and riots which help overthrow governments. In the case of the U.S., regime change means overthrow of the constitution and the bill of rights, so far so good. I'd say the NWO is winning. Stay tuned.

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