Monday, March 31, 2003

Posting by IZAKOVIC at RMN

This afternoon watched on Fox News Secretary of State, Colin Powell. Using very blunt language, he demanded of Iran to stop its pursuit of weapons of mass destruction and the ability to produce them, and that Syria cease supporting terrorism (means supplying Iraq with weapons). Powell said "Syria faces a critical choice, whether to continue its direct support for terrorism in the dying days" of the Iraqi government. "Syria bears a responsibility for its choices and consequences", Powel said. After having seen today's press conference of Iraq Ministry of Information, the confidence which it was conducted by their Minister himself, after having red rumors about possible mobilization in Russia, and having seen introduction of State of Emergency in Italy last Friday, I am starting to feel bit uneasy. Italians usually duck for cover first (this is to their credit, they are no fools). The rest of us (heroes and fools) get it only afterwards.

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