Saturday, March 29, 2003

Perle, Adviser to U.S., Aided Maker of Satellites

By STEPHEN LABATON, WASHINGTON, March 28, While he led an influential Pentagon advisory board, Richard N. Perle advised a major American satellite maker, Loral Space and Communications, as it faced government accusations that it improperly transferred rocket technology to China, administration officials said today. Officials at the State Department said that the senior official considering how to resolve the rocket matter, Assistant Secretary Lincoln P. Bloomfield Jr., was contacted by Mr. Perle once or twice in the second half of 2001 on behalf of the company. At the time, Mr. Bloomfield, who heads the State Department's bureau of political-military affairs, and other officials were investigating accusations that Loral turned over expertise that significantly improved the reliability of China's nuclear missiles.

Loral passed technology to China to improve missile systems. The U.S. Customs Service announced January 10 that its four-year probe of Space System/Loral has resulted in that company paying a $20 million fine. The Customs Service charged Loral with violating the Arms Export Control Act, which governs the transfer of sensitive U.S. technology to foreign governments, by turning over technology to China that allowed it to improve the guidance systems for its missiles, according to a news release from the U.S. Customs Service on its probe of the satellite manufacturer.

Notes: "Perle's career started back in the 1970s, when he was a staffer on Sen. Henry Jackson's Permanent Investigations Subcommittee, and began promoting Bernard Lewis and his Clash of Civilizations. Already at that time, he had a reputation as a conduit of information to the Israelis, and a 1970 FBI wiretap overheard Perle discussing classified information with someone at the Israeli Embassy. He went on from there to be Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Reagan Administration, where he came close to being prosecuted for the passing of classified documents to the Israelis. Perle was a prime suspect for being part of the X Committee which collaborated with Jonathan Pollard, and he continued to play a role for the Jabotinskyites after leaving government, including being part of the producers of the "Clean Break" document in 1996. As head of Rumsfeld's Defense Policy Board, he played a major role in bashing the resistance to the war in the uniformed military, and brought in that incompetent Laurent Murawiec, to push the Clean Break line. Perle, Rumsfeld's leading advisor, was reported, back on August 1, 2002, to have chaired a July 10 Defense Policy Board meeting where the members ranted about the uniformed military opposition to the war, and insisted that "heads would have to roll" among the military brass, to break that resistance. But, look for the Chickenhawks to make new insane moves. They are going "ape-shit," and will begin to lash out at the military who are in increasingly open revolt against Rumsfeld. "

Corporate execs deliver body parts to Beijing , Jewish World Review reports, "TREASON IS A CHARGE not to be made lightly. But how else would you describe revelations in The New York Times last week concerning the transfer of missile technology to China? Loral Space and Communications, and Hughes Electronics are among the many American corporations that are none too scrupulous in their dealings with the most loathsome regime on earth. Loral has been using the Chinese to launch its communications satellites. In February 1996, one of these launches crashed. To avert a similar disaster, scientists from the Loral and Hughes studied the problem. Then, according to a Pentagon report, in violation of U.S. law, the team shared its findings with the People's Republic. The Times noted that this data gave the Chinese "critical assistance in improving the guidance systems of their rockets. The technology needed to put a commercial satellite in orbit is similar to that which guides a long-range nuclear missile to its target." Like the missiles a Chinese general threatened to lob at Los Angeles during the 1996 Taiwan crisis? Based on the Pentagon report, the Justice department started a criminal investigation. A grand jury was impaneled to consider indictments. Then, two month ago (in a move strongly opposed by Justice), the president foreclosed the possibility of prosecution by authorizing Loral to export similar technology to China. Not coincidentally, Loral's CEO, Bernard Schwartz, gave $421,000 to the Democratic Party last year. Like our aerospace industry, Bill Clinton has been profitably engaged in the China trade. In 1996, Little Rock restaurateur Charlie Trie funneled more than $1 million to the Clinton campaign from a group of Macao casino owners with ties to the People's Liberation Army. Beijing bagmen, including Johnny Chung and John Huang, swarmed all over the White House. In return, the administration has approved an astounding array of exports to the People's Republic, including, says the Center for Security Policy, "machine tools used to manufacture advanced military aircraft, jet engines suitable for use in fighter aircraft and cruise missiles ... and 46 supercomputers that have wound up in the Chinese military-industrial complex." The Oval Office stud-muffin personally lobbied Long Beach, Calif., officials to lease a vacant naval base to the Chinese Overseas Shipping Company, which ships guns and drugs overseas, among other cargo. Which of these running dogs, the president or corporate America, is the top dog in the pandering game is debatable. Companies like Boeing have moved large parts of their assembly line to the Middle Kingdom. It's common knowledge that the price of doing business in China is massive technology transfers. When Boeing president Philip Condit was asked how his company's business with Beijing would affect its role as a key American defense contractor, he indifferently replied that "the U.S. government will have to find ways of dealing with that." That they are rushing to build a nation and a military that may be killing Americans early in the next century concerns the China traders not in the least. You don't need a cornea transplant to see it coming. The PRC isn't deploying advanced intercontinental-range ballistic missiles to defend itself from Tibet. It isn't acquiring long-range aircraft and a blue-water navy to deal with internal dissent. America and China, the last two superpowers, are on an end-of-the-century collision course. China's communist rulers view us as the only serious obstacle to the attainment of their goals. Their territorial ambitions aren't limited to Taiwan. At the very least, they intend to render the United States incapable to exercising influence in Asia. Beijing's Long March to Asian hegemony is sponsored by corporate America. China's trade surplus with the United States ($157 billion between 1991 and 1997) makes its military expansion possible. When it comes to sensitive dual-use technology in the possession of U.S. firms, whatever China wants, China gets. That corporate executives are willing to put profits before patriotism is understandable, if deplorable. That the president of the United States is equally indifferent to national security concerns is execrable.

Understandable? When did treason against your country by anyone become "understandable"? It is NOT a political issue, this sellout of our nation is happening no matter what party is in power ... the actors may change (sometimes), but not the script. The BIG question is, what are they setting us up for? When Pat Buchanan asked, "Whose war is this: Perle's or Powell's?" ... I think someone made the wrong choice.

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