Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Oregon Mom of US Marine son in Kuwait values protests

March 25, 2003, Letters in the Editor's Mailbag, Marine's mom values protests

As the mother of a Marine in Kuwait, I want to express my deepest appreciation to all those people, local and worldwide, who have made the many concerted efforts to oppose and try to stop this war. I am not a religious person, yet I know that they are the true children of God and conscience.

It is a foolish notion to think that to oppose war is not to support our troops. In fact, it is the inaction, passivity and indifference of so many that is most troubling. Patriotism is more than putting a flag on your car.

It gives me great pause and a heavy heart to think that my son, who is serving his country, is being put in harm's way by what I believe is a corrupt administration and a largely complacent public. My despair is great, and my only comfort is in knowing that I am not alone in this despair. It is not only shared by other families who have loved ones in danger, but also by those who don't, but yet are impassioned to speak out against what they see as an injustice, and who exercise the very freedom to which we pay so much homage.

Cottage Grove

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