Saturday, March 29, 2003

Mainstream Medias Sanitized War Coverage Helps Mask Carnage

US Casulaties Being Vastly Underreported, EXCERPT: "An unspoken rule, according to USA Today, is that "negative stories" are "viewed as unpatriotic." This direct and indirect censorship has resulted in Americans receiving a "sanitized" view of the war, despite "vivid footage" from the front lines. The difference in how the war is covered is readily apparent from the disturbing images published by European and Asian news networks"but censored by the U.S. media ... On the same day that Bild carried the "Bloody slaughter" headline with photos of injured, captured, and killed U.S. soldiers and Iraqi civilians, the lead story on USA Today's on-line news page was about the blooming of Washington's cherry blossoms. "The Arab world sees pictures of bloodied bodies of young children. They watch scenes crowded with corpses, including gruesome images of dead American soldiers. Americans see almost none of that," The Boston Globe reported on March 26. "Friends from Syria are sending e-mails to me, asking what are the people in the U.S. telling you about the images of civilian casualties," said Imad Moustapha, chief of public diplomacy at the Syrian Embassy in Washington. "My answer to them is very simple and sad: 'Sorry, no one is seeing those images here.' " ... 'But this emphasis on war game imagery is not serving Americans well,' Marian Wilkenson, Washington correspondent for the Sydney Morning Herald wrote. "Outside the U.S., pictures from al Jazeera of injured Iraqis, burnt children and crying mothers are being transmitted throughout the Arab world and much of Europe. If the conflict intensifies, this will increase. And Americans will have little idea why the war is instilling such antagonism in the Arab world." ..." Freedom of the press, what a radical idea!

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