Friday, March 28, 2003

Latest war news

From, and if true, you can see why the US Media is CENSORED ...

Excerpt: "On the US side, US forces appear to have totally abandoned the ******* area to the British, and appear to have taken the British off of the advance; the British weren't doing too well offensively to start with. Elements of the 101st Airborne -- probably two brigades -- have been harassing and probing the Medina Division near *******. The US Third Infantry, which is exhausted and with questionable supplies, is currently near *******, has been ordered to secure ******* -- a city 150 times the size of Umm Qasr -- by this weekend, so they can advance along the East side of the nearby lake, through the town of ******* and capture the ******* River crossing at *******. The main problem with this is that the Iraqi 3rd Armored Division is in that area, and in making that advance, they are going to have their supply lines brought along a very, very narrow chokepoint between the built up area of ******* and the lake, and they are going to extend their overextended supply lines another 100 miles. That strategy makes it look like the suicidal idiots who thought up this terrible attack plan in the first place have decided to take their weaknesses and extend them, so as to make their position even more weak. In order to accomplish this, the United States has begun taking units that had been deployed to defend and garrison Kuwait and moved them North to garrison ******* and *******. Just as the US has already picked out civilian governors for a country it has not yet defeated, it is sending garrison troops for cities it does not yet control. And in doing so, it is essentially stripping away all the defenses it had in Kuwait City, so while the base of the vulnerable allied supply line was at least reasonably well defended, it will now be stripped of most of its defenses. Rather than consolidate their position, it seems the Allies are going to continue to attempt to extend and weaken it. This strategy has generals in a number of foreign nation, and Washingtons, sitting slackjawed in awe at how badly its going, and it believes that the civilian head of the Department of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, is the one pushing this against the objection of the US generals on the ground. Bush and Rumsfeld feel that this battle HAS to be won quickly, and the order to attack and capture these towns of 600,000 or more troops is said to have come directly from Bush himself -- Bush who grew up spoiled and has never had anything denied him before. The best way to think of it is this. There are only about 150,000 combat troops in the area, plus 100,000 support personnel of various types. The larger anti-war marches have been bigger than the US invasion force. Think about that ... and every day their supply trucks are having to drive the distance from DC to mid-New Jersey in order to bring food, water, fuel and ammunition to the troops. This situation is untenable, and it is going to collapse if someone doesn't stop the madmen who are driving it.

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