Saturday, March 29, 2003

Kuwait missle attack said to be American

New York Times. EXCERPT: "An explosion rocked an empty shopping mall on the waterfront early today in Kuwait City, the capital, sending a huge plume of white smoke towering into the sky ... Some Kuwaiti officials who examined the fragments said they believed an errant American cruise missile had been fired from the Persian Gulf toward Iraq. "It was an American cruise missile, we know from the markings and writing on it," said a Kuwaiti police colonel who did not give his name. "It doesn't go up, it comes in low from the sea, and that's why there was no alert." Another uniformed Kuwaiti official said that he, too, believed the missile to have been American and said that it "came from the sea." He then added that "it was a mistake" that it had struck Kuwait. The Associated Press reported that unidentified American officials in Washington said the missile appeared to have been a Chinese-built Silkworm launched from southern Iraq ..." article

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