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A Leo Strauss gang of Nietzchean fascists has been uncovered at Donald Rumsfeld's Pentagon, and they are at the center of concocting the bogus intelligence which painted the Iraq war as a "cakewalk", and which has been used, along with outright fabrications and forgeries, to bamboozle the U.S. Congress into voting for an imperial, preemptive, possibly nuclear war against Iraq.

These criminal elements also deliberately misled the President, and rammed through the insane military plan that is now in play. They must all go the way of the Defense Policy Board's Richard Perle. From approximately mid-2002, until February 2003, the man who ran the "nuts and bolts" of the secret intelligence unit in the Pentagon -- the "Chickenhawk Intelligence Agency" -- was one Abram Shulsky, a prominent follower of Leo Strauss. All of the most spectacular Iraq war disinformation over the recent period can be traced back to this Shulsky group, including:
* the September 2002 Bush and Blair simultaneous "white papers";
* the September 24, 2002 forgery, given to the U.S. Congress, on supposed Iraqi acquisition of nuclear technology and uranium;
* the October to December 2002 hoked-up stories about Iraqi connections to Al Qaeda;
* the February 5, 2002 pitiful briefing given by Colin Powell to the United Nations, and its companion piece, the "made in Israel" plagiarized paper put out by British Prime Minister Tony Blair, later shown to have been stolen from the neo-cons' own Barry Rubin.

What were Shulsky's credentials, to be entrusted with the "Chickenhawk Intelligence Agency" factory of lies? In 1999, a little-known book called {Leo Strauss, the Straussians, and the American Regime} was published by Rowman and Littlefield, which included, among its 29 essays, a piece on how Strauss' "enterprise" shaped a new form of "intelligence gathering," written by Abram Shulsky and Gary Schmitt. The essay was later published as a book under the title {Silent Warfare: Understanding the World of Intelligence}, which was intended to "revolutionize" intelligence gathering and analysis. From 1998 to August 2001, a Straussian "slow reading" group on Thucydides (a Strauss favorite) ran on the Internet, featuring Shulsky in a major role, lecturing the Straussian networks on "just war", "Spartan justice", Alcibiades and similar subjects. The patron of that particular project, one Lancelot Fletcher, also runs similar "groups" on Plato, Machiavelli and others. On Aug. 19, 2001, Fletcher wrote: "I am very pleased to announce the creation of a new Machiavelli group.... Actually I had created this list long ago, but thanks to the initiative of Michael Anton, one of the members of my leo-strauss group, I am now putting the Machiavelli group into operation for the first time. Michael Anton will serve as the discussion leader.... Michael Anton works for the U.S. government in the field of security and foreign affairs. He has studied with Harry Jaffa" -- one of the leading Straussians in the U.S. today.

And so, the degraded Richard Perle is just one of a whole nest of operatives, many of them Straussian philosophical fascists, who are up to their necks in Iraq war profiteering, conflict of interest, and empire plans. Among the most relevant are:
* {Abram Shulsky}: As noted, a leading Straussian who was the informal head of the Rumsfeld/Feith/Wolfowitz intelligence unit at the Pentagon that "cooked" the Iraq intelligence, until that unit was given full status with the appointment of Steve Cambone in February 2003. Shulsky's specialty was linking Iraq and Al Qaeda.
* {Dick Cheney}: The Vice President's Halliburton problems, including the involvement of his daughter, Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs, Elizabeth Cheney, have already been identified by investigative reporters.
* {Donald Rumsfeld}: The Secretary of Defense is the current public face on the Big Lie.
* {Paul Wolfowitz}: The #2 man in the Department of Defense, who oversaw the creation of the so-called "Chickenhawk Intelligence Agency," was a leading student of Strauss-protege Allen Bloom.
* {Doug Feith}: Assistant Secretary of Defense for Policy, Feith oversees the Defense Policy Board and the network of lower
level Secretaries that belong to the Wolfowitz cabal.
* {Peter Rodman}: Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Securiety Affairs, he reports to Feith.
* {Dr. William J. Luti}: Deputy Undersecretary of Defense, he reports to Rodman.
* {Dr. Steve Cambone}: Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, he heads the now official -- for the first time ever -- Pentagon intelligence agency, and reports to Feith.
* {Gerald Paul Hillman}: A member of the Defense Policy Board, and on the board of Perle's Trireme company.
* {Henry Kissinger}: Als a member of the Defense Policy Board, and on the board of Perle's Trireme company.
* {Andrew Marshall}: For several decades, head of the Office of Net Assessments. Marshall has been at the center of "get LaRouche" operations, and of Israeli espionage circles, having employed the notorious ADL operative Myra Lansky Boland to go after LaRouche at the same time as Boland's former classmate, Jonathon Jay Pollard, was being protected and deployed by the ADL.
* {Harold Rhodes}: Works for Marshall in the same Office of Net Assessments.

Of these, Shulsky, Wolfowitz, Feith, Rodman, Luti and Cambone are also linked to one or more of the projects that EIR has identified as the three major policy documents that created the heart of the "Empire" policy:
1) the 1992 Defense Policy Guidance, produced by then Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney;
2) the 1996 "Clean Break" document prepared for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu;
3) the 2000 paper for the Project for a New American Century, called "Rebuilding American Defenses... For a New Century."

Furthermore, it is very good news that U.S. Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) has followed up his initiative to investigate Richard Perle's conflict of interest through the DoD Inspector General, by noting that Perle's resignation as Chairman of the Defense Policy Board does not erase the potential conflict. Perle is still on the DPB, and he already received the money for his services. What did he provide in return?
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