Saturday, March 29, 2003


It's quite simple, gentle reader, for as Il Dubya says, we need only concern ourselves with necessary expenditures. Demonstrating our support for our president, we present a proposed budget revision to pay for the first $75 billion it will cost in the first month to liberate Iraq's pipelines for Donald Rumsfeld's friends:

- Cut all money spent on international affairs, general science, space, technology, natural resources, and the Amtrak bailout. We'll still have to find $4 billion somewhere else. Or:
- Cut all money spent on agriculture, commerce, housing, and 96% of the money we spend on transportation. Or:
- Cut 93% of the money spent on education, training, employment, and social services. Or:
- Cut health programs by one-third. Or:
- Cut Medicare expenditures by one third. Or:
- Cut Social Security expenditures by 16%. Or:
- Cut all veterans' benefits and half of the justice system. Or:
- Don't pay 43% of the interest on the debt this year.

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