Thursday, March 27, 2003

Edgar Steele's sites for war reporting:

- The best of the lot. Quite readable and pretty accurate.
- A Russian GRU source which seems particularly accurate and reliable. Click on "Next Report" until you reach the most recent.
- English translation of the Middle East news organization's internet site.
- English translation of a Muslim site. Clear pro-Muslim bias
- Israel-based site, a real eye opener for those who have yet to figure out what zionism is about.
- Fairly typical European news site. Expect surprisingly high anti-American sentiment here.
- or Typical of American mainstream reporting. Read between the lines by using the other sources cited above.

My comment: Considering that everyone's using the media for propaganda against the other, adding them all together and then dividing by 2 seems to be a safe bet for the truth ... :-)

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