Monday, March 31, 2003

Cutting Edge Ministries

RUMOR: RUSSIA MAY BE MOBILIZING HER TROOPS! An American subscriber who lives and works in Russia called me Friday, 3/28, to tell me that the signs of a large-scale military mobilization were very evident on the streets. Russian soldiers by the many hundreds were suddenly out in uniform and seemingly heading for bus and rail lines. He said it looked as though a mobilization was under way. I put out some feelers to other Cutting Edge subscribers to scourge the Internet to see if they could pick up any corroborating evidence. One subscriber emailed me the contents of a Discussion Board posting. Listen: "I was listening to the steve quayle (sic) show he said that he had a call and that there is word that russian (sic) troops are getting ready to go to the middle east to protect their oil interests." Earlier in the week, we posted an article from IRNA which stated that Russia was sending large "humanitarian supplies" to the Iran/Iraq border, even though Iran was independently stating they had seen no Iraqi refugees heading their way! At the time, it seemed that Russia might be using this story as a cover for sending military supplies. Since Russia has a Mutual Defense Treaty with Iran, she would be forced to react to American pressure upon Iran. If Russian troops are heading for the Middle East, that means about 40 different countries are now placing troops in the Middle East, thus making the fulfillment of Joel 3 that much more likely.

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