Wednesday, March 26, 2003

American Jews tread softly

March 26, 2003 Adar2 22, 5763 Israel Time: 20:16, By Nathan Guttman, WASHINGTON - Around 3,000 Jewish activists are expected to go to Capitol Hill next Tuesday to try persuade their Congress representatives to continue supporting Israel. It will mark the culmination of the annual conference of America's pro-Israel lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which is held each year in Washington and is attended by senior U.S. administration officials and members of Congress, as well as numerous Israeli representatives. This time the thousands of lobbyists on Capitol Hill will be bearing a more complex message. They will as usual stress their expectations for support from the lawmakers for the approval of Israel's special aid request. But what will they be saying about the U.S. administration's political initiative under the "road-map" plan? The American Jewish community appears critical of both the content of the road-map plan and the timing of its publication, but criticism of this kind is not easily expressed America is at war. more

Sudden revival for the road map, By Aluf Benn, In the midst of the Iraq war, diplomacy on the Israeli-Palestinian front has suddenly come to life. The "road map" for solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict stands at the center of President George Bush's summit meeting with British Prime Minister Tony Blair at Camp David, and at the end of this week, Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom will head to Washington for an AIPAC convention and to meet with senior administration officials. The British are pressuring Bush to expedite publication of the road map, as a basis for an imposed international agreement, and not to accept any more emendations to the document. The report in Haaretz that Israel is proposing 100 changes in the road map has aroused concerns in Washington and London that here is an Israeli attempt to play for time with infertile discussions as a way to scuttle the plan ...

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